Friday, March 18, 2011

Yemen Revolution : Blood of Jasmine Revolution “Extremely Graphic”

Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime is officially insh Allah in its last days despite the American Saudi support , this is one thing I have learned from the Tunisian revolution , our Egyptian revolution and the Libyan revolution.
Abdullah Saleh who once said that he could not leave the rule because his president friends in the Arab worlds , is doing exactly what brought down his friends Ben Ali , Mubarak and Qaddafi typically. 
After the disgusting massacre committed in Sana’a today where not less than 46 civilians were killed and 100s were injured including many children , Saleh announced the emergency status across the country now for the coming 30 days.
The footage and pictures are extremely shocking and graphic
Yemeni Forces open fire on protesters

I can’t publish many of the photos from the massacre of today for their terrible graphic nature. "Warning extremely graphic"

There are more photos in this website  , also in this FB group  and that FB group  as you can almost all the shots are in the head and in the chest area.
You can hear in this video the gun shots clearly with blood all over the street
This video below you will find the people earlier at the square during the square chanting "The people want to down the regime"

These snipers who are killing their Yemeni brothers and sons will go to hell before Saleh. This Friday was being called the warning Friday , I think Saleh did not give a damn. The news are coming from Sana’a that there security forces are currently encircling the capital while hospitals are in a mess with the huge number of injured.
I found the Yemeni version of Rassd network and Ain News, there are a good source for news from there on the Facebook especially . There is also Yemen For all website that covers the Yemeni revolution. The Yemeni revolution  is being labeled by the Yemeni as the Jasmine revolution just like the Tunisian revoluton.
This is our second war of independence and we know that we have to pay a heavy price for it. God bless the Yemeni people in their war against that ignorant dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.
I think as Egyptian activists , bloggers and tweeps we should help our Yemeni brothers and sisters with all the possible means we have. From here I call our friends in Anonymous to bring Ali Abdullah Saleh’s ugly official website down.
p.s I am waiting for Presidential candidate Amr Moussa to issue some good press statement about this massacre.


  1. hey do you know any good websites on the yemen revolution that are in english?

    long live the revolution!

  2. For additional photos from inside the Yemen Revolution, go to Dispatch Press Images at Please feel free to comment on our Facebook page.


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