Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mubarak To Criminal court “Graphic”

As I have expected and as I have predicted Hosni Mubarak is put on trial and is expected to be transferred to Cairo in hours to stand in front of criminal court as some source claimed.

Oh yes just before #May27 and before the 3rd “15 days” finishes after couple of days and Mubarak will be free according , the general prosecutor has ordered that the former president , his sons and friend Hussein Salem to be put on trial on charges of financial corruption and giving the orders of shooting the protesters. Now this group of disrespectful men are facing several charges as follows :

This is a very important development without doubt but I do not know why we have to wait for all that. It is the first time in the Egyptian and Arabic history that a former president is put on a trial like that. It is no wonder that the news was highlighted by our friends in Syria , it brought hope them and to the rest of the Arab world.

Now Hussein Salem is some where in the world , some people claim that he is Israel where as others claim that he is in Switzerland nevertheless it seems that everybody forgot that Salem could be in Spain or Romania.

Now the lawyers of Mubarak are claiming that he did not give the orders to shoot the protesters just like Omar Soliman where as the police generals currently in jail say that they got the orders from above and that the minister of interior could not issue it without the order of Mubarak himself. It is now up to two : Habib El Adly who will sell Mubarak if I am not mistaken and SCAF based on the revelation of Tantawy.

I do not know why we had to wait all these months and provoked by details like the one we found yesterday : Mubarak is being treated on the state’s expense including psychological treatment !! What about the injured of the revolution like Dr. Mosaab who is being treated on his own expense . At least Dr. Mosaab is capable of paying for his treatment ,what about those who can’t afford it !! Who will pay the psychological treatment bill of not only the families of the martyrs , the injured and their families but the millions of Egyptians who suffered under his rule !!

I do not understand the logic of waiting all that time , all those months and all those test balloons and provoking leaks regarding Mubarak and his trial. Aside from all the crimes he committed against the Egyptian people ,what happened starting from January 25th whether in Cairo or in Suez is considered unforgivable crimes

Just for reminder here are scenes from the early days of revolution , for the victims of Mubarak’s police who were killed in cold blood.

Warning : Extreme graphic content

A compilation for murder scenes in Egypt during the revolution
Ain Shams : citizen killed on police hand on January 28

Now I will confess and tell you that I have not seen these videos except today and I felt so angry and depressed because I felt we need to restore back the rights of those martyrs. The decision of the general prosecutor “who is currently under fire of slowness” is another important step to restore their right.

Nevertheless insh Allah we are heading to Tahrir insh Allah on #May27, we still got other demands.


  1. moussa el kady5/25/2011 03:38:00 AM

    there more videos and US embassy van overrun least 30 protestors. I be in Tahrir for other demands also and also solidarity with Syria, Libya and Yemen martyrs and to send message Saudi Arabia sheikh say that protestors killed in revolutions are not martyrs, to tell him:fuck on nice banner with his name a nice word. I lost mybest friend for10 years and he tells me friend deserves it because of chants against muslim leader are haram. justice will complete and saudi sons of bitches care about mubarak they have his corpse and bury it at sea. I remember my friend everyday and cry

  2. الجراءم التى يجب محاكمة آل مبارك عليها :

    1- القتل الإجرامى والتعذيب الوحشى للمواطنين الآمنين واختطافهم
    وترويعهم بالأمر المباشر والتحريض والتآمر من أجل إسكاتهم وإخضاعهم
    بالقوة البوليسية الإجرامية المنظمة.

    2- النهب الإجرامى المقنن والمنظم للمال العام والجباية الإجرامية بالأمر
    والتآمر مع الغير بغرض الإفادة والاستفادة والتربح الإجرامى من مال
    الشعب وثروة الوطن.

    3- السطو بالإكراه ونفوذ القوة السياسية ونفوذ القوانين المفصلة إجرامياً من
    أجل النفاذ والسيطرة على مقدرات الشعب وسلبها ونهبها.

    4- التآمر والتحايل على مواد الدستور الشرعية من أجل التربح الإجرامى
    من أموال ومقدرات الشعب , وبالمشاركة الجناءية المقننة للتحايل على
    الدستور والقانون مع أفراد من الداخل وأفراد ومنظمات من خارج البلاد
    بما سبب أضراراً فادحة لاقتصاد الوطن.

    5- التحايل بالتآمر والتزوير المقنن والمنظم بالأمر المباشر , والتواطوء
    الإجرامى مع قيادات الحزب الحاكم الفاسدة بالشراكة , على مواد الدستور
    والقانون بإعادة التشريع الفاسد من أجل تفصيل القوانين المنظمة لعمليات
    السرقة والسلب والنهب لكل ما هو متاح من ثروات البلاد ومقدرات العباد.

    6- التآمر مع أفراد من الداخل بالالتفاف على الدستور والقانون من أجل
    سرقة منتجات معدنية نفيثة من مناجم الوطن بالمشاركة المتخفية مع
    منظمات وأفراد من خارج البلاد والأمر المباشر بتصديرها خلسة بعيداً عن
    الدستور والقانون وتهريب العاءدات المالية إلى مصارف أجنبية نهباً
    لثروات الوطن وأموال الشعب.

    7- تجريف اقتصاد الوطن بالأمر المباشر والتآمر والشراكة مع أفراد
    من الداخل ومنظمات أجنبية بهدف التربح الإجرامى من المال العام
    وثروات الشعب وتعريض اقتصاد الوطن للرهن الربوى المجحف وذلك فى
    سبيل استرضاء القوى الأجنبية ذات النفوذ من أجل الاستبقاء الأبدى على
    كرسى الحكم وتوريث البلاد لذريته من بعده.

    8- استباحة شرف الأمة وكرامتها بالتعريض الإجرامى والتستر اللا أخلاقى
    على كل ما هو غير شريف ثقافياً وإعلامياً ودعاءياً , وذلك بالتواطوء اللا
    أخلاقى مع منظمات العهر الاجتماعى الغربى ثمناً لاستراضاء القوى النافذة
    على حساب شرف الأمة وقيم شعبها بجميع دياناته السماوية.

    9- التخللى الإجرامى عن جميع المهام الدستورية والشرعية المنوط بها
    كرءيس للجمهورية والحنث بقسم الولاء والفداء الذى أشهد عليه الله والشعب
    من أجل الحفاظ على الأمة وثرواتها واقتصادها والدفاع عنها وعلى مقدرات
    شعبها وسلامة أراضيها.

    10- إنكار جميع التهم السابق ذكرها من أجل التنصل الخسيس اللا أخلاقى
    والنفاذ بما سلب ونهب فرداً وشراكة مع ذريته و حاشيته الباغية المجرمة.

  3. Go to the Tahrir "And then we will judge the Attorney General? " And when the revolutionaries tried for what they did with Egypt? blood of dead and on your hands, murdered by the marauders, who died in religious conflicts "should be judged the instigators of the riots, that is. .... you.

  4. JUST DO IT!
    A quick trial followed by executing Mubarak, his family and cronies is best for Egypt to move on.

  5. So Gamal being the bad, corrupt guy and Alaa' being the not so bad guy is just a myth?


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