Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#OBL : In Accordance with the Viking Sharia !!

Just like the execution of Saddam Hussein in time of Eid , the U.S administration managed to make those who were totally against Osama Bin Laden when he was alive to sympathize with him in his death.
Most people in Egypt are angry and refuse how Osama Bin Laden was allegedly buried in the sea or to be correct how he was dumped in the Oman sea. Many Egyptians are feelings that they are provoked with the claims that he was buried in accordance with Islamic rituals. It is one considered as a desecration for his body and many Muslims believe that body is owned by God.
Bin Laden's King Size bed full of blood
"Courtesy : ABC News"
The Americans claim that Bin Laden was buried in accordance with Islamic rituals in the sea !! We do not have burial in the sea , it seems that the Americans buried Bin Laden was in accordance of the Viking Sharia !! It is like an insult to our minds when they claim that they made in accordance with Islam, they can say that they just dumped it in the sea and we will understand it !!
There are news that Saudi Arabia has rejected the burial of Bin Laden adding another reason for many Arabs /Egyptians to feel angry from the kingdom.I do not know why he was not buried in a ground burial site even in the States secretly and nobody will know. Again according to the Wahabi and Salafi teachings shrines’ visitations are prohibited and there is something called the charity cemeteries for poor and John Dos in Islam. It is ABC Islamic rituals for God sake.
Blood on the bed room
"Courtesy : ABC News"
Many Egyptians feel that the Bin Laden’s rights as a human was violated with that assassination , the word assassination was used in a negative way frequently whether in the social media or the mainstream media. The details emerging about how he was unarmed and how the orders of the Navy Seals was to kill are making more people sympathize with him especially we know that his health was not great. Many Arabs not only Egyptians believe that Obama ordered this operation because he wanted to win a ticket for another presidential term.
Yes Bin Laden was a terrorist who caused the death of thousands across of the world but the U.S administration that claims it supports the values of human rights worldwide should have arrested him alive ; he should have given a fair trial in front of the whole world. Already I do not understand why they got rid of Bin Laden when he would have revealed all the details and secrets about Al Qaeda.
The White House will release photos from Bin Laden’s so-called Islamic funeral allegedly tomorrow.These photos can provoke the people more despite they are important.

The situation room at the moment of assassination
"Courtesy : White House"
ABC News channel showed exclusive photos from inside Abottabad villa. 
The Americans revealed that the man who led to Bin Laden was his Kuwaiti-Pakistani long time geek friend Abu Ahmed unintentionally and that the CIA knew that friend through Khalid Sheikh Mohamed.
There are rumors in Kuwait itself that Abu Ahmed who led the Americans to Bin Laden intentionally and according to some sources in Kuwait that he is currently enjoying his millions in the States.
There is no doubt that Al Qaeda has lost a lot in the region but as I hinted this ending for Bin Laden just like Saddam’s execution , the Americans did it again foolishly.
Last night it was the Bin Laden night in Egyptian TV channels , I think it was from the rare nights all channels spoke about Non Egyptian internal issue in this way since January 28th ,2011. The best coverage so far was the coverage of ON TV’s Yosri Fouda , already the man was from the few reporters in the world who infiltrated Al Qaeda in its golden days.
Last Talk : Did , How and Why was Osama Bin Laden killed ?
Last night episode should have been translated in to English with interesting panel of guests.
The new Egyptian leader of Al Qaeda , the Maadi sweet boy who was turned in to a terrorist thanks to Abdel Nasser’s hell jails Ayman El-Zahawary is making headlines now. Allegedly yesterday he vowed to avenge for Osama Bin Laden and no one denies that the world is anticipating how Al Qaeda is going to respond. Hopefully our army and our new national security are paying attention for this.
Egyptian tweeps are joking now that in the same year we made a revolution and ousted a dictator , an Egyptian man has become the most wanted man in the world.


  1. Zeinobia, I highly respect your work and appreciate your voice in the blogosphere. However, the truth is that no matter what America did or did not do concerning Osama Bin Laden would not have made any difference in the fact that there would always ... ALWAYS ... be some sort of negative Arab/Muslim backlash and condemnation of the action or inaction. There is no "right" in this horrible world of killing and retaliation so very contrary to all of our most core heartfelt beliefs no matter which "religion" we choose to side with. Why didn't the Arab/Muslim world "take care of their own" and step up and bring Bin Laden to Justice by their own laws? An outcry because he was "unarmed"? How many of the thousands of dead he proudly claimed were armed or even military? Again, I am not going to debate the right or wrongness of Osama Bin Laden's killing and the disposal of his body. That isn't really the point ... when will either "side" step up and break the chain of insanity and refuse to continue the senseless and endless cycle of killing, hatred, and retribution? Truly, the "stronger" will be the Peace Maker who finally says STOP to this madness that will never provide a Victor but only more bodies and suffering. I apologize in advance if I have not presented my spirit of Peace concisely enough due to cultural differences. I mean no negative thoughts or emotions. I am saddened once again that we as spiritual beings have not grasped control of our most carnal selves and shifted the spiritual consciousness of the planet by uniting under our commonalities versus our perceived differences.

  2. Tony you put it right when you mention retaliation and the right/wrong.
    it is true thousands of unarmed people were killed because of him and I will tell you that we believe that who kills gets killed by the end of the day.
    As Eastern Muslim Egyptian I understand your feelings because now my own people want to see Habib El Adly and Mubarak executed now for what they had done still we have to respect their rights even thought they did not respect our rights for once in their bloody life.
    By the way thousands of Egyptians and Arabs were imprisoned, tortured and even killed in order to get him without a trial
    The Nazis got trials Tony and they killed millions across the globe , they got trials

  3. @Z "Yes Bin Laden was a terrorist who caused the death of thousands across the world" It's a relief to hear you say that.

    I agree with Tony that "no matter what America did or did not do concerning Osama Bin Laden would not have made any difference in the fact that there would always ... ALWAYS ... be some sort of negative Arab/Muslim backlash and condemnation of the action or inaction." But I disagree with his pacifist moral equivalence blather. The right way to stop the "senseless and endless cycle of killing, hatred, and retribution" is to kill Al Qaeda and their supporters in such numbers that any left alive are too terrified to act.

    I agree with Zeinobia, and with the Arab and Muslim world, that under international law bin Laden was entitled to be taken alive and put on trial. That shows the moral bankruptcy of international law in this case.

  4. Zeinobia,

    I agree with you 100%. The man was NOT armed. It is not acceptable for governments to run around killing people that have not even had a trial. That's not justice. It's murder. They have now become the very thing they were fighting against.
    Watching people celebrating this like it was some kind of sporting event sickens me. Americans didn't like it when people that felt we finally got what we deserved were celebrating after September 11th. Now they are behaving in the same manner. In my opinion, the death of a human being should never be celebrated, no matter who they are or what they have done. I wish that we were better than that.
    Thank you for giving me a place to say all of this.


  5. there is no such thing as alqaeda, its just a name they use for any bunch of militant muslims and now people think its a group with a leadership and foot soldiers. pathetic.

    the americans had an opportunity to capture him in tora bora many years ago, they chose to let him escape to pakistan and have known where he has been all along, but they needed this boogeyman alive to get support for their criminal wars.

    its funny those fake videos would always be released when bush needed a political boost, obama decided to do the same but in killin him, perfect timing to win the next election. joke.

  6. What are guys at the MB hq smoking. Any how GWOT is still on and WW2 was over during the trials as was Iraq war

  7. Probably torturing the seven hells out of him if he is alive, at this rate his Egyptian friend is probably in getting a massage in shamil sheik hilton

  8. And if Bin Laden was not a Muslim, you would just worry about how they buried him? "I think no.A you care about how many people died because of him and many relatives did not think could bury.No.Problem is that they buried him christians.Yes! Sorry, I do not want to offend your religious sensibilities, but we need to look at and the other side medal.No must make a mountain out of a molehill and look for a new reason for conflicts.

  9. Am reading your blog already for quite a long time and before i didnt have a wish to comment because i was agree with you.
    oops just saw ur comment - yeah i totally agree with you again. if we wanna be democratic and civilized we have to give their right even to a such people as ben laden.

  10. Zeinobia, while I respect your blog I can't help but to feel highly disappointed from this post.

    While I understand your views that the US could have handled some things differently (capturing vs killing, proper burial, etc), I think your views are wildly misplaced if the main issue that stands out to you is the 'mistreatment' of a sure terrorist.

    Maybe a note on how justice was served after all these years, with a small mention that the mission could have been handled in a better/different way, would have been a lot more tasteful.

    Bottom line: if it was personal and someone you cared about, God-forbid, was killed in 9/11 while innocently going to work, you would be singing a totally different song.

  11. It was a terrorist act plain and simple. He was unarmed in a house of 8 young children and of women and they went in and slaughtered 4.
    The US is a hypocrite. They do not prctice what they preach. Yes BL was a terrorist. BUT there are US terrorists killing every day with drones and guns.
    The word terrorist does not just apply to Middle Eastern men. US soldiers are equally terrorists.
    Bin Laden was a terrorist no doubt about it BUT should have been given a fair trial. To do otherwise is barbaric and illegal and shows the US is not better and no lecturer to the world on human rights or behaviour.
    The US created the Frankenstein Bin Laden don't forget. He was their terrorist when it suited them to kill the soviets. Their own supported and funded terrorist just switched sides and targetted the USA.

    The US is totoally hypocritical and it's double standards are what drives people insane with madness.

    The US should start practicing what it preaches to others. It's now joined Mossad in assassinating outside of the law.
    The Us also said they washed his body and gave it Muslim burial!!!!!!!
    No they didn't! Muslims do NOT get buried at sea and the do not get washed if they die a martyr however screwed up their ideology may be. We are not the judges and jury here. His judge is God.

  12. For the record, an order of more innocents were killed by the US in Afghanistan and Iraq than during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but that is a discussion for another day.

    Most Muslims aren't upset about the elimination of OBL; I mean come on, this is the guy who supposedly has subordinates talking about using nuclear weapons indiscriminately against a population -- something even a 1hr introduction to Islam would clearly inform you is prohibited.

    But what upsets Muslims (and I think this blog writer) is that the US tried to be politically correct or whatever and just complicated the situation more. It would have been better for the US to have disposed of OBL's body without plugging the "proper islamic burial" line. If we had just gotten rid of it, no one would have cared.

    The western world seems obsessed with Osama's view of Islam, as opposed to the view of the majority of the 1.5BB muslims worldwide. The two are not the same.

    The Canadian.

  14. Hahaha ! you either sold Osama life insurance or he owes you money anon . He had the rights of a rat: To run and hide until caught al-zharhawi will soon join him in polluting the ocean as will the dirty rat al-walqi. this is the scum that gives twelve year-olds suicide vests

  15. Oh man, Alice and the other the conspiracy loons are going to have orgasms. Obama isn't releasing the bin Laden death photos.

  16. They could have buried him in an unmarked grave in an anonymous location, I agree. This would "appeased" his sympathizers a little and this of course is the humane thing to do, I do think the Americans acted too hastily.

    But people saying he should have been captured and given a fair trial, can fuck right off!! Can you imagine the amount of hostages that would from all around the world be taken demanding the release of this idiot?
    People thinking he would have been useful in capturing more terrorist and would unveil more terror plots, HE WOULD HAVE NEVER TALKED!!

  17. @Jason, after seeing those pictures with their faces intact and identifiable, I am about 95% sure that president Obama made the biggest mistake in his political career and lied to the American people and the world. Why in hell the navy seal would shoot Bin Laden in the head if the other 3 killings were clean shots?????

  18. Hi Hazem, I don't understand what you mean. In shooting situations people get shot in all kinds of places. Do you think bin Laden was not actually shot?

    Debbie Shchussel has a theory that Obama knows the Osama pictures will leak out or be forced out by a FOIA request but is delaying the release to nearer the next election, which seems plausible.

  19. Here's a theory: Perhaps Arabs just behave badly in crowds.

    Besides Lara Logan's gang rape other examples spring to mind. The Palestinian "car swarm" phenomenon isn't something that would happen in my culture. From the Urban Dictionary: "A peculiar Palestinian custom of swarming around a car which had recently held Palestinian extremists but which was then blown up by Israel in a targeted killing of the terrorists inside. Often, thousands of Palestinian men will swarm around the destroyed vehicle, looking to retreive bits of flesh from the incinerated 'martyrs.' The bodily remains are then paraded around in triumph."

    When items are distributed, Americans "line up" and Britons form an "orderly queue" while Arabs simply shove their way to the front, from what I've seen on TV.

    Zeinobia recently reported in The Battle of Imbaba 2011 how "the families of Imbaba #Jan25 stormed the court room when the court decided to adjourn the case till June 5th, 2011". Storming courtrooms is not something we Americans do.

    What do you think?

  20. The Guardian: Osama bin Laden mission agreed in secret 10 years ago by US and Pakistan. "US forces were given permission to conduct unilateral raid inside Pakistan if they knew where Bin Laden was hiding, officials say"

    P.S. Regarding Arab crowd behavior mentioned above, I am reminded of the Muslim Hajj to Mecca. Pilgrims to Christian, Hindu and Buddhist sites seldom risk death by trampling.

  21. Senator Jim Inhofe describes the bin Laden death photos in detail. So that we know what we're missing: His skull was intact but the bullet exploded inside blasting his brains out his eye socket.

  22. First of all, I watched the news on ABC about what happened to Osama Bin Laden, and they NEVER said that they buried in the ocean ACCORDING TO MUSLIM tradition. They said a prayer on him and threw him in. They never said it was Islamic.

    I would like you to realize who represents YOU, as a Muslim. Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, ignorant sheiks in Egypt, etc.
    I'm proud of who represents me. The Pope of the Coptic faith, the persecuted Copts, and the free Copts who try to help our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

    DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE 5 MILLION MUSLIMS IN EGYPT WAITING TO CONVERT TO CHRISTIANITY, but they can't because of people like Osama Bin Laden and other radicals.

  23. Nazis were not Christians. They didn't have the CROSS as their symbol. They didn't say, "Jesus is Mighty! In the name of Lord Jesus Christ!"


    Yet Muslims say, "Allah wo agbra!" And they have the Crescent as their symbol when they raid churches and such.

    Radical Muslims are the new Nazis.

  24. Dirty little secret of the Muslim world. Pornistan, hahahahaha! Egypt comes in fifth.

  25. This man ordered the killing of hundreds of innocent people that had shown up to work. He left mothers without their husbands. He left children without parents. He stole the lives of the children in the child care. He blew people's bodies to bits and forced people to jump from smoking building... and you seriously expect us to give him a burial fit for a human??

    After reading your blog I liked you till I read this post. It sickens me that you defend someone that committed such a heinous crime to humanity. I do believe you defend him only because he was a Muslim. Had he been a Christian or a pagan, I sincerely doubt you'd concern yourself that he was given the exact proper burial right. I'm sad that you are so biased in favor of your own special religious group.

    Had a few of the Islamic based countries cooperated better in finding him, then our nation would not have needed to resort to such extreme measures.

    Again, I'm sickened by your sympathy for a man that ruined so many innocent lives. You were so concerned about an 11 year old pregnant, but your wax poetic over a psychopathic killer. Amazing


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