Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eclipse in Cairo

Last night Cairo and other cities in the Middle East and Europe enjoyed a beautiful lunar eclipse for about 100 minutes. It was beautiful natural event I am so happy that many Egyptians enjoyed freely without Mubarak Smile 

Mosques held the special eclipse prayers and based from what I saw online whether on Facebook and twitter , people prayed for better Egypt and the total eclipse of the corrupted Mubarak regime.

I took couple snapshots for the eclipse , they are not the best but I love them.

I took these shots at May 15th bridge and 6th October bridge. The people parked their cars and got their big cameras and phone cameras to take a snapshot for the moon.The weather was amazing last night by the way.

May be next time insh Allah , I will take better shots , closer shots


  1. Thank you so much for the pictures! Cairo is beautiful and one of the destinations I hope to visit soon!

  2. And what is worse under Mubarak eclipse was visible? Wu anything at all then do not mention Mubaraka? Can you use the bathroom and began to walk better after he left? Make a fool he prays to God and break his forehead.

  3. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures, i could not see if from my place in Bab El Louk and this is the first time i could see it - thanks to you


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