Monday, June 27, 2011

The Martyrs First

This clip always pumps in my hand when I hear someone claiming that the police forces were only defending themselves and did not shot the protesters but they only shot the thugs who were attacking them. “Oh yes there are people in the media claiming so”
Killed unarmed civilian protester
This video makes me shiver , makes me angry and wonder why we have not heard anything about that police officer or solider or that CSF soldier that killed an unarmed civilian protester who showed him that he did not carry any weapon from any kind.
This video is a smoking gun evidence and we can easily find the mother and daughter filming and commenting on that horrible crime they just witnessed.
Now Facebook groups and twitter accounts are currently sharing a photo for a protester that was killed in Alexandria. That victim is believed to be the protester shot down by the security forces in the video but it turned to be in Tunisia.

I do not know if it is him or not but either ways both of them need justice , real justice. Muabrak was the head of the supreme council of police thus he is responsible directly. The wounded and the families of the martyrs want to include Hosni Mubarak to the shooting of the protesters case. It is their first demand in their current sit in in front of the ERTVU , it is their first and most important demand.
Today the killing of protesters case was adjourned to July 25th as the judge is going to be changed. “Judge Abdel Salam Gomaa got a very bad record already”
Nevertheless the wounded and the martyrs’ families were extremely angry at the new Cairo court house and attacked the security forces that were there hurling their vehicles and the prison vehicle transporting the infamous minister of interior. “People wondered if anyone saw him already in the prison cage but according to one of the victims’ lawyer claimed to see all the accused behind bars.
Things were not good in Maspero as people went furious after knowing the news through mobile phones , their numbers were not big but their anger was huge, real huge.
The families of martyrs at Maspero
Today I went to cover the protest and I found angry people who want justice before anything. They had very reasonable demands considering the fact that they have been waiting for justice for complete 5 months.
The demands are as follows :
  1. To include Mubarak to the shooting of the protesters’ case.
  2. An independent court assigned to this case only to get much faster verdicts. It has been 5 months so far.
  3. Detaining all the officers and police agents accused of killing the protesters temporarily so they won’t affect “blackmail” the eye witnesses. Almost all officers and police agents accused of killing the protesters are still working in the police force and some of them even are promoted.
  4. To include the following names in the case : Former PM Ahmed Nazif , minister of information Anas El-Fiky “for constant lies” , minister of telecommunication Tarek Kamel “ Internet blockage” and minister of health Hatem El-Gabli. “For shutting down the emergency network between hospitals”
  5. Transferring the trial on air on the national TV, it will ensure transparency and it will be good for the economy as well.
  6. Helping the wounded of the revolution financially as they lost their jobs and treating them on the state’s expense.
Only the 6th demand was met , the PM set the fund of revolution’s wounded and the martyrs’ families’ case last Saturday and it will start working next July 1st based on the decree of the PM. It was worth to mention that early this month the PM decided with the martyrs’ families committee to set this fund.
Still it is not the money that the martyrs and wounded want first , they want justice , against justice. A martyr’s brother told me today that he came from Alexandria and that his father did not want any fund or pension. He just wants to see El Adly and Mubarak executed. That martyr’s name is Abdel Latif Mohamed Said.
The spokesperson of the martyrs’ families coalition Mr. Mohamed Gomaa ‘translator’ told me that the martyrs’ families and wounded are not with the constitution first or the elections first , they are with the martyrs first. This summarizes everything.
5 months are too much in case that is a crystal clear.
P.S : I met a lady there whose son was prosecuted in front of a military court and is currently serving his jail sentence in Borg El Arab prison. The lady told me that her son was accused of thuggery while he was innocent. She said that the police sheriff in their area fabricated this charge against him and that the eye witnesses he brought stood with her son yet he was found guilty. For nearly a month she kept visiting the offices of PM and the minister of justice. Her son’s name is Mustafa Mohamed Hasham. I hope that I delivered her message.

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