Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Julnar the Sea-Born and Her Son King Badr Basim

First of all I apologize for not posting the Arabian nights yesterday but I think you will forgive me with tonight’s tale : Julnar the sea born and her son king Badr Basim.
Of course yesterday I could not post it because I was late and actually I am facing some technical problems concerning the audio file hosting “Audioboo does not host more than 5 minutes files and Google sites actually  got limits in file size uploads” as well as the fact that some of the radio tales’ episodes are missing as you can see in the case of King Badr Basim
Julnar the sea born and her son King Badr Basim  is another Mermaid story following Abdullah the fisherman and Abullah the merman.Hopefully you will enjoy it tonight. It is the almost complete tale of King Badr Basim and his fate.
Arabian Nights : Julnar the sea born and her son king Badr Basim by egyptianchronicles
Of course there are some details missing yet you will understand what is taking place still here are the original text of Julnar the sea born and her son king Badr Basim in English translated by Sir Richard Burton as well as in Arabic text. Unlike previous tales there is no much difference between the radio tale and the book tale except for example Badr Basim was the king of Khorasan “Persia” while in the radio tale he is the king of some fictional kingdom.
Julnar and the sea born and her son king Badr Basim is tale no. 153 in the Arabian nights book. Scheherazade started this tale on 738th night and finished it on the 756th night.
If my memory is not mistaken it was featured in One thousand and one nights TV show Season 1990 on the Egyptian National TV. It was published as children book across the Arab world. 
I chose this tale which is actually several episodes complied in one file to apologize for my delay yesterday as well today.
I apologize for the delays and tomorrow there will be a new interesting tale.

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