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9/9 : Breaking in to the Israeli Embassy in Giza !!

First of all it is not the Israeli embassy that was stormed by a group of Egyptian climbers or protesters or whoever they really are but it is an apartment following the Israeli embassy in the 18th floor that was being stormed. This apartment is like some sort of archives office for the embassy.
According to some Israeli official in Israel this is not the embassy but rather the a reception hall.
Those Egyptian protesters or intruders or whatever threw from that apartment hundreds from Embassy’s documents dated to 2003 to 2010. They are not explosive or confidential , they are mostly official correspondence , here are examples :
A thank you letter from 2004
to the passports department in Egypt 

A list with foreign embassies in
Zamalak in Arabic 
a letter to customs authority

Many think that they got the Wikileaks of the Israeli embassy , I am afraid the Israelis will not leave their dirty secret like that. An Israeli military jet came from Tel Aviv and took the Israeli ambassador . Already there were no Israelis in the embassy. Israel is seeking the U.S help to secure the embassy. Obama is extremely concerned about the safety of the Israeli embassy , Obama did not express his concern about the murder of our officers by the way.
On the other hand there is on going battle between some protesters and Giza security directorate where the CSF are firing tear gas grenades
There is something fishy without doubt , how did the army let this happen and how the police let the protesters attack the check points and get that plate of Israeli embassy in the building and the Israeli embassy’s iron door. I am hearing stories I am not sure about but one thing for sure this move is not in the sake of the revolution or its demands and it is not in the sake of our officers who were killed in our territories deliberately , this is not helping anyone except SCAF as well as Israel. Before anyone speaks and says none sense , I was among the first bloggers to speak about the lost rights of the Egyptian POWs killed from more than 50 years on the hands of Israeli war criminals and I am furious for our men who have been killed for years on the borders by the IDF as they were not humans , storming embassies will not restore their rights and you got Turkey as the best example.
We could have restored our rights with the international laws but what you know , Nasser is still among us indeed !!
The Egyptian TV has announced that a protester died after having a heart attack  and it seems that the magnificent and oldest garden in Egypt witnessed a fire that was put off , the fire started from a tear gas grenade. Not less than 217 citizen have been injured in the current clashes near the security directorate !!
Ok the black comedy : The same year we broke in to the vaults of the state security , we broke in to the archives of Israeli embassy !! I am not laughing
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Israel is deporting its tourists and citizens from Egypt according to DPA and Lieberman is having a meeting now in Tel Aviv while in Cairo Mansor Eissawy has declared emergency and Essam Sharaf will have emergency meeting with his ministers to discuss the current crisis.


  1. There's been little coverage in the US press of the Egyptian police officers who were killed. Is there English coverage of that incident that you can point me to?


  2. State of emergency while Emergency Laws are still in place. What does that mean? Is SCAF now entitled to shoot protesters?

    This escalation is a perfect argument for CSF and SCAF that holding back security forces is unacceptable and does not work.

  3. this is the result of education during mubaraks era, we have a generation which is 95% imbecile, its no longer about protesting israel, its simply about causing disorder and disruption in our own country. how are these ppl angry about five police officers killed, yet they want to storm the security apparatus buildings?? because they are criminals only looking to destabilize this once stable country for their own criminal gain. if a protest is not civilized, then it is a mob of thugs. if you are really so angry about israel, then elect someone in a few months who will do something about doesnt take a genius to work that one out.

    even im starting to sympathise with mubaraks ironfist policies. infact i wish tantawi would authorize shoot to kill on anyone engaging in any acts of lawlessness that have been rapidly increaing in recent months.

    mubarak must be laughing his ass off.

  4. Arabs are all walking around with big red buttons on their heads, which read "Yahud." Guaranteed that sooner or later, someone will think of a way to profitably press it. Guaranteed.

  5. Ahavat Eretz Israel9/10/2011 07:18:00 AM

    This, Egyptians, was a grave mistake. Now you will be punished by our friends in the USA. No more economic aid. No more support at all. I have no doubt that Europe will follow.

    Most likely the army will gun you down and there will be no international protest as the revolution has lost all sympathy. Let's hear how your songs at Tahrir will sound once you have no more bread to eat.

    Now you may cancel Camp David and surrender Sinai back to us.

  6. "Egyptian POWs" is entirely a creation of Egyptian propaganda. Arabs are and always have been utterly ruthless in their treatment of Yahud (see: Jews of Egypt, Gilad Shalit). They're proud of it, if anything. They then make up stories about Yahud blood lust. The form seems to require it.

  7. "Israel is deporting its tourists and citizens from Egypt according to DPA"
    Guess where the Egyptian ambassador in Tel Aviv is deported : Restaurant? concert ?

  8. "Done with or marked by full consciousness of the nature and effects"....that's the definition of the word deliberately! so haw can you write about the tragic attack on Israel by terrorists coming from Egypt territory and turn this into something Israel did deliberately? where obviously chaos controlled the situation.did Israel also killed the Israeli soldier that died in the event from accidentally being shoot by other Israeli forces,deliberately? but this way of writing correspond very nice with the next sentence you wrote " Obama did not express his concern about the murder of our officers by the way"...well the officers where not murder... because in order for it to be murder there need to be intentions ahead of time...but to write "killed by mistake" for example does not serve your cause...i guess. sorry,but the way you are writing is just take any Israeli or american action and turning it into evil and give amazing discounts to barbaric viollance. take a look the words you choose to describe this brutal attack on oh...just a small side apartment.."protesters or intruders or whatever","stormed". the act itself of braking into the embassy,the violence,the internationl law the fearful peaople inside the embassy...etc etc you write nothing about ,the only way that you look at the event is that it "doesn't help anyone apart from the Israelis". what an unbelievable humanistic and democratic understanding you looks like you are more into a rally of war than peace...and if you can please explain this next quote "Egyptian POWs killed from more than 50 years on the hands of Israeli war criminals and I am furious for our men who have been killed for years on the borders by the IDF as they were not humans" ?? isn't there peace for the last 30 years,what are you talking about? prisner of war? i didnt get it..

  9. @Zeinobia, Pease is correct when he objects to your formulation, when he says to write "killed by mistake" for example does not serve your cause. But it is not only your rhetoric. Egyptians have now for a second time torn down the flag of a nation on its sovereign soil (as embassies are considered) and you seem to think that's fine. But it's an act of war. Fortunately civilized nations (like Israel) frequently let these things slide.

  10. Shoot 'em all

  11. " did the army let this happen..."

    This is the most important question I had also. Taken the fact how well they secured the State TV during uprising, how come they "forgot" to secure embassies?

    The intrusion of Israeli embassy only serves one point: SCAF gets a propaganda point from this. "See how all protesters are like hooligans attacking foreign embassies and what not"

    On the other-hand if Egypt media were functional it would catch the SCAF and blame them for this. If they don't get the blame for this, well it just proves that old media control and games are alive and well.

    I do not support Israeli policies but protecting embassies regardless whom they are is must.

  12. Amanada: It was a month ago. An Islamic Jihad squadron, comprised of two dozen armed men, crossed from Gaza into Egypt (the Egyptian border police were tying their shoes and saw nothing), drove 50 miles along the Egyptian side of the Israeli border in several vehicles (the Egyptian border guards were having lunch), crossed into Israel and attacked a bus, and the police patrol car that responded to the attack on the bus, killing eight Israelis. An Israeli helicopter arrived and chased the attackers back across the Egyptian border, killing five. When the dead on the Egyptian side were counted, some were found to be in Egyptian Army uniforms. Questions for further study: Islamic Jihad in phony Egyptian Army uniforms or real Egyptian Army, assisting their Brother Arabs in the Holy War against the Yahud?

    The Egyptian public regards incursions across the Egyptian borders, in which Yahud are killed as a Great Day For Arab Honor. So, that part of the story has been quickly deleted. Their story: How dare the Yahud cross the border and kill innocent Egyptians?

    Arabs have only one story re:Yahud, and all actual events are eventually deformed to fit the story.

  13. As a matter of fact, an Israeli who attacked the Egyptian consulate in Eilat was arrested and faces charges. He might get up to four years in prison. Egyptians should at last think about this.

    @Pease : you should think about that Israel violates any international Law whenever it is convenient and condemnation by UN is always vetoed by the USA. There is definitely the attitude in Israel that 'killing an Arab does not matter' and this explains why the Egyptian Border guards were shot so easily. Here careless/deliberate becomes identical.

    Terror is tragic for the victims, however, Israel leaves no choice. Palestinians do not have the means to go openly to war. Terror is their only weapon and as Israel continues with its settlements it will always suffer from terror.

  14. Back in the 60's, Abdoo our servant thought Israelis were kaffir-evils and looked like horned devils. He was adamant to walk into Tel-Aviv during the 1967 war and kill as many devils as possible. Unfortunately for him and his platoon had to surrender instead of facing death through bullets, thirst and starvation.
    When Abdoo was released after 2 months and returned home to Egypt he experienced a wake-up call and his image of Israelis had changed completely from that of a 'devil' to 'human' because of the humane treatment he received by his captors.
    If Egyptians continue this hate mongering they will re-learn what Abdoo learned the hard way in 1967.

  15. @anonymous 1:03 AM

    My dear Abdoo was very lucky lucky lucky man that he was not among the thousands of POWs the IDF killed in a cold blood during the six days war in Sinai , seriously lucky man.

  16. @Z
    War attrocities were committed by both sides just like any war. The important thing is WHAT HAVE WE LEARED! Unfortunately nothing as I see another war in on the horizon caused by ignorance, relgious fanaticism, old grudges , intolarance , etc. Hatred has a bottomless appetite and people feed on it.

  17. The Egyptians in the Sinai in 1967 were only having a picnic, and while they were saying their prayers, they were gunned down by the cruel Yahud, who were eating ham sandwiches and laughing. And every Egyptian had a blind mother at home, wholly dependant upon her son for her daily bread, who was forced into prostitution, with a Yahud pimp.

    A True Fact of Arab-Islamic history.


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