Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where is King Farouk’s Bracelet !?

Lifestyle and Fashion websites are crazy about the Elizabeth Taylor’s collection that will be auctioned in Christies by end of this year and they have to.
The woman got a collection that only fits royal family not an actress even if a legendary actress when it comes to Jewels. Jewels were the real best friends
Now aside from the fact that as a young lady I love to see the photos of those wonderful and amazing Jewels ,I am also interested as someone who follows the fate of Mohamed Royal Family’s Jewels and collections. One of the most famous piece Liz Taylor had was King Farouk’s bracelet , which was a present from Richard Burton in 1960s after this wild love on the set of Cleopatra. It was adorned
During my research from couple of years in that file I knew that Liz and Richard got it from Henry Winston , who was among the Jewelers of the Egyptian Royal Family. Winston was wise enough to send his boy in the shameful auctions held in 1950s to get the Jewels of Mohamed Ali Family in legal ways.
Knowing the kind of Jewels Liz Taylor loved as well as the Jewelers I am surprised that she only got “Farouk’s Bracelet” and did not get Queen Nazli’s magnificent collection that was auctioned in the States in 1973
I hope to see Farouk’s Bracelet when the collection is revealed today in London  and featured in the media.
You can see a glimpse from Liz Taylor’s collections from Daily Mail here.

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