Friday, October 7, 2011

The Carter center observers to watch only our elections

In an interview with Reuter former U.S president Jimmy Carter revealed that he spoke with Field Marshal Tantawy about observing our upcoming elections through the Carter Center observers and that head of SCAF told him that the observers can come and witness the elections as they want but not to observe and monitor.
Carter announced in the interview that his organization is indeed going to witness or rather watch the elections in Egypt just like it is going to observe the elections in Tunisia.
Earlier SCAF and parties reached out that local and international organizations can watch the elections only.
There is difference between watch and monitor indeed still do not underestimate watching because not only the local and international organizations but the whole world is watching for now.
Up till I can't find a relation between national sovereignty and the international observation  especially that the United States allow international observers to monitor the presidential elections !! What I found a real violation for the national sovereignty is the electoral fraud and cheating.

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