Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The good news of the day : Siyad Belal’s case referred to the criminal court

On the same day that Khaled Said’s murderers are sentenced 7 years in jail , there is a huge development in Siyad Belal’s case.

The general prosecutor office today has referred 4 state security officers to the criminal court for murdering Siyad Belal. Those 4 officers have not been arrested yet. Already a state security officer called Mohamed Abdel El Rahman El-Shimy confessed that those 4 officers tortured late Belal till death.

There is always hope.


  1. Four officers who tortured someone to death will be tried in criminal court - and 26 Copt protesters attacked by army at Maspero and arrested will be tried by State Security Court.

    Truly - I fail to see the hope.

  2. Khaled Said's trial verdict is an indication that the old regime is well entrenched in Egypt and the revolution must go on until they are purged completely out of the system.


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