Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meanwhile in Uganda

Meanwhile it seems that the situation in Uganda and the clashes between the government and the Lord’s resistance army have reached to unbearable level that POTUS Obama has decided to send 100 military advisers to help the Ugandan government against those rebels. 

Those 100 military advisers including U.S special forces Green berets that arrived this week according to U.S military officials in U.S media. 

Despite we are busy with our internal issues , we should not ignore what is taking place in Uganda for three reasons :

  • If we want to restore our role in Africa ,we should care for real about African neighbor countries regardless of how far they are from us.
  • Uganda is a Nile basin country and one of the sources’ countries actually.
  • The Lord resistance army operates in South Sudan as well so it is not far from us.

Now the Lord resistance army is an official terrorist organization in the States and several other countries. Not the LRA is not your usual radical religious organization because it is an official religious cult whose its leader Joseph Kony claims to be the spokesperson of the Holy spirit on earth now.

Now if Obama officially act like that in elections campaign race , you must know that other sources including Black water boys and U.S special forces in covert operations have failed for many years now.

We should not ignore what is going around us regardless what.

I hope those advisors and troops do not exceed than 100 as Uganda has suffered enough and it always starts with hundreds and ends with thousands.

And again LRA is a crazy religious sectarian cult terrorist group remember that and not so some revolutionary power that fights imperialism.


  1. "The US forces will ultimately go to Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the permission of those countries." Really, why our Nobel Peace Laureate President Obama is doing this I do not know. How many wars are we in already, like five?

  2. Africa is the last frontier for natural resources, a real figurative gold-mine and strategic reserve - that's what Africom is all about.

    The US will still building drones in Ethiopia and has bases in South Sudan.

    And amidst all of this - what are the views of the common person towards the US? Positive.
    And Egypt? Negative.

    Because the US has 'real' factors underpinning its global power, including soft-power and somehow people see some economic benefits to engagement with the US...

    This can be contrasted with Egypt and those Egyptians who refuse to let go of their delusions of grandeur, who justify inequity (in Nile Basin dealings) and superficiality in how they deal with others.

    Until this changes all Egypt and Egyptians will do re: Africa is to read about its news after events have unfolded.


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