Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood wants Maikel Nabil Free

This is more than Surprising but the Muslim brotherhood has just issued a statement in solidarity with Maikel Nabil , yes the Muslim brotherhood despite their views about Nabil is supporting him. Here is the English statement from Muslim brotherhood.
Whether is a political maneuver to impress the west or not , I think it is an important support. For the record the English statement was published but thanks for my dear friend Bassem Sabry who was persistent enough that we got a statement in Arabic.  
Maikal Nabil’s appeal will be today Tuesday as far as I know , hopefully the appeal will be accepted and he will be released.
Maikel Nabil’s father met the head of Military judiciary authority last week and according to what I understood he signed some sort of an apology. Of course I beg you not to speak from ivory tower and wonder how dare Maikel’s father did this because you do not know how it feels to see your son dying in front of your eyes.
The story is developing…


  1. yeah yeah dying whatever, everything that happened to mike is by his own doing


  2. Instead of acting purely because of elusive "West", maybe they are doing this because of ordinary politics?

    If general public in Egypt is against military detention / trial of Maikel Nabil, they might support his release because of that?

    Though why they didn't release Arabic version without pressure is a question mark.


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