Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Respect to El Beblawi "Updated"

Dr. Hazem El Beblawi has resigned from his position as the minister of finance to object the Maspero Black Sunday clashes and how the government dealt with it.
According to sources El Beblawi is going to submit his resignation to PM Sharaf after the later’s meeting with the Sudanese Vice president. People are expecting SCAF will not accept the resignation.
Some sources have revealed that the Egyptian Social Democratic Party was behind the resignation as El Beblawi was a member in the party whose members urged him to resign after Black Sunday events
Of course some people are attacking the man and his action because of economic policies , well I do not care about that about his economic policies now because we have got an admiring action. For the first time a minister resigns because of the actions of the government in the history of Egypt
By the way I hope that minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour of tourism presents his resignation as well.
Do not ask me about Essam Sharaf.
Update :
Ok it is official , he presented his resignation to Sharaf and Sharaf presented to Tantawy. As expected Sharaf has rejected the resignation. According to Al Ahram "Arabic portal" Tantawy had a meeting with Beblawi for half an hour where he convinced him to continue in his post as "We are all soldiers in one army" !!
Now interestingly enough Al Ahram is giving hints that the resignation has to do with the pensions issues raised by the minister of manpower Ahmed El Borai who claimed that billions of pounds allocated to pensions were transferred to the general budget.
We do not know yet if El Beblawi will insist on his resignation or not
Now the big thing is not Beblawi's resignation but the rumors about Sharaf and the cabinet's resignation. For three hours this afternoon there has been rumor that spread like wild fire through news websites , Al Jazeera and AP reported that Sharaf and the rest of the cabinet have resigned , that rumor was denied.
Still there is something missing because Sharaf stated from couple of hours ago that indeed he submitted his resignation to SCAF and it is up to the council to accept it or refuse it !! The cabinet's spokesperson Mohamed Hegazy then says "It is usual procedure in similar circumstances" and that the cabinet presents its resignation whenever there is a crisis in the country !!
Now there are strong rumors that the runner ups for the position of the prime minister are : Mohamed ElBaradei and former PM Kamal El Gaznoury.
These are still rumors. Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei returned from London today after the Black Sunday. 


  1. هو من منطلق احترامه لتاريخه استقال والا كان كمل زى عصمت قرف

  2. The military assault against the Coptic demonstration at Oct 09 shows clearly : the command of the political transition to democracy in Egypt can not be only in the hands of the SCAF. Egyptians most important demand now must be : the command of the transition by a more diversified and balanced body, at which military may be represented, but may not have a monopoly or majority.

  3. Some people are saying that the real reason he resigned is because of the missing LE 400 billion in pension funds, that he wants to disengage before he can be accused of anything. The Maspero massacre provided a perfect excuse.

    Cynical? Sure, but it's wise to be cynical when it comes to politicians and "noble" gestures.

  4. I agree with Alice, I heard something similar about the pension funds from someone actually working in the minister's office about a month ago. All politicians are corrupt but Zeinab is that cute little 5 yr old child who sees good in all people LOL


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