Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11.11.11 : And the admin of SCAF page issues statements about it

Now we found out that the admins of the SCAF official page on FB have got their own FB official page where their mission is to open a dialogue with the people , of course it turns to be a dialogue from one side whether from the SCAF’s officers responsible who believe “The military rule is alien word in our Egyptian society” as some of the commentators who think dirty smears will send a powerful message regardless of their stand. “Actually it is a sign on the weakness because it means you do not have a strong argument to support”
This discovery was found when I was searching for that status update from SCAF about the 11.11.11 party which was to be held in the Pyramids. Now what is the story of 11.11.11 party ? Well have a seat and I will tell you all about it in few minutes from your precious time.
At the same time we had debates about supra-constitutional principles document and the imprisonment of Alaa Abdel Fatah Seif , we found that there is a debate of foreigners that are going to celebrate the 11/11/2011 in front of the Great pyramid of Giza. There were news whether online or in printed newspapers that this is party was held by a group of foreigners “some say that they are Freemasons while others say that they are followers of Kabbalah and that this group will install a golden pyramid at the top of our pyramid. What made things worse is that the Supreme council of antiquities has given a permission for this party.
The SCA issued a statement that no golden pyramids will be installed on any pyramid and that’s a normal party as the parties held by Egyptians and foreigners at the Giza plateau.
Now the Admin of the SCAF left this status late last night.
Regarding what is said about having a Masonic celebration on 11/11/2011 at the Giza pyramids .. SCAF has ordered the public prosecution to investigate this party demanding the truth about the allegations regarding those who sponsor it. The council and its members refuse completely that kind of celebrations on the land of Egypt , the cradle of Monotheism religions and should not be be desecrated with satanic celebrations .
Regardless the truth of that celebration , I think that statement proves my point on how the military think in a national security protective way not to mention how they know to win the majority of the Egyptian people using their conservative nature.
Now all this made me search online about that 11.11.11 celebration and that’s what I found : There are couple of groups that will celebrate the 11.11.11 at the Giza plateau, it will be a wild night next Saturday !!
It is true that a Kabbalah group will come and celebrate it in Egypt 11-11-11 Flyer Rev2.jpgGiza plateau next Saturday according to Universalkabbalah.net and from what I understood from the website is already in Egypt starting from today and will continue till November 21st then they may extend it to none other than Israel in search of the mystery school of initiations  . Here is another website dedicated to this group
11-11-11 Egypt.com is a website for another group celebrating 11.11.11 in Giza. From what I understand the men behind this  event are Ron and Robert Baker plus Egyptian archeologist called Mohamed Shata. The Bakers are spiritual practitioners who got this New age movement that is called Children of light “watch out for its symbol boys and girls”. Egyptologist as well as metaphysician as I found in one of the websites. Shata gives lectures in the United States about ancient Egypt in universities and museums …etc..
The event would be actually a mediation in the sunrise at the pyramid. 
Updated : 
There is another event by a Polish organization called DAR SWIATOWIDA that wanted to have some sort of ceremony to protect the earth from cosmic events. Dar Swiatowida has got website called Project Cheops. 
The event of Dar Swiatowida was cancelled by SCAF due to what the website called a security concerns. 
According to Youm 7 a Polish organization "Lili Ricin" has called 1200 Jews from around the globe to participate in the celebration which will include some sort star of David and Diamond "not golden" at the top of our pyramid !!!!!!! Strangely yesterday the website claimed that Lili Ricin is owned by an Egyptian called Hisham Hosny !!!!!!!!!!! I thought that this was Jewish Polish organization 
Anyhow the event is after 72 hours , we will know the end of this circus.
I hope SCAF hands over power by April 2012 so it will not issue a statement about the 2012 as without doubt we will have our share from lunatics waiting for something to happen at the Giza plateau.
Personally I do not believe in 11.11.11 or 2012 and I also believe the Pyramids should be respected and left alone away from these parties , fashion shows and concerts because I do not think those who designed and built the pyramids from thousands of years ago wanted it to turn in to a backstage for silly shows , yes silly shows and parties when you think about how the pyramids were built !!
Side note :
  • The admins also addressed the silly rumor concerning the shoes of Tantawy denying it completely. I knew from the start that it was a silly rumor turned in to a joke.
  • I think SCAF should have a page in Google+ as it is the Fashion now
  • When I checked about 11.11.11 myth I found out that 11 allegedly in Freemasonry is important as a number as the date itself 11.11.11 is important to New Agers


  1. i'm sure i'm not your firs admirer but i'm one of the biggest one (outside Egypt) :-D inshallah you will have the strength to continue with it couse it is sooo important!!!!

  2. And I thought Halloween was over.

    Carry on but with a skeptic eye young lady. Conspiracy theories abound in this day and age. There's too many to list over here in the U.S.

  3. Cant believe this kind of meditation, praying or party event would be allowed at the Pyramids! it was discussed in FB and even my foreigner friends were talking about it and we all agreed it has something to do with kabbalah/Satanic ritual and a lot of Jewish people will be coming in on this day. It makes me more saddened to read that the organizers of this ritual are Egyptians!! The Egpyptians need to remember that Allah swt/God destroyed the Pharoah and left the Pyramids still standing until today to be a lesson to others about HIS punishment and it is in the holy book of Al-Quran! if it is really true the event at the Pyramids is going to be a prayers and superstition ceremony, it shows that Egyptians has open the door to this evil thing and believe me that God/Allah swt will punish Egypt for this! May God protect the Egyptians, Egypt and Islam from this evil!

  4. @LuluW "a lot of Jewish people will be coming"



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