Sunday, November 13, 2011

Was that Omar Soliman in Hajj ??

This video is being spread as Omar soliman in Hajj , few second showing an old man with a black mustache sitting on a wheel chair.
Omar Soliman in Hajj 2011
Now regarding Omar Soliman’s presidential candidacy , well I do not think that he will run because officially he will face Ahmed Shafik in the same category which means there will be a spilt in the votes they are targeting.
There was a strong rumor spread through Al Fagr News portal that Soliman was going to work as a security advisor for crown prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. That rumor was quite controversial because aside from the idea itself , according to the intelligence law in Egypt , former intelligence officers are not allowed to work outside the country except after 2 years of leaving their work in the intelligence.
Soliman or rather sources close to Soliman needed that he was there to work as a security advisor.
I did not believe it this rumor for one second because Saudis do not need him plus in such world for politics.
Of course Soliman’s appearance on Saudi TV for few seconds in the Royal family’s guests in Hajj fueled the rumors. Ironically this is the first appearance for Omar Soliman after the famous step down speech on February 11,2011 at 6 PM !!
Omar soliman appears on Saudi TV
By the way who tried to kill Omar Soliman in last February 2011 ? Why nobody is bringing this case up now !?
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  1. Rumor has it that Gamal Mubarak tried to kill Omar Suleiman. I heard that he was afraid that Suleiman could be unloyal and would turn against him....

  2. Iran news agency was the one how spreaded the rumors. it was directed to the saudis ears and not so much to the Egyptians. now you probably whant to know why and the answer is:
    1. CP Nayef is very much known as the most conservative and pro-palestinians person in KSA.
    2. Omar Soliman considered to be the person who Betrayed and sold GAZA to Israel (to Saudis eyes).
    3. If you would have read the Saudis twitters regarding this rumors you would have saw the nicknames they added to Soliman's name (dog, liar, betrayer and so on) they hate him
    4. For the Iranian it was more of a test -balloon nothing more and nothing less.


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