Saturday, December 17, 2011

#Tahrir : We are fucked !! "Updated"

We thought things would calm down today but I think we were dreaming !! It is another bad nightmare that I want it to finish right now.
The latest number from the ministry of health : 9 dead and 361 injured in the official hospitals. Activists say there are about 200 injured outside the hospitals. I fear that tomorrow more people will be killed especially the number of the head injuries are terrible.
The army “military police units as well paratroopers units” stormed Tahrir square in early morning where it destroyed the field hospitals in the square as well the Kasr El Dobra church’s hospital. Doctors and patients were reportedly arrested. The military also stormed the flats where local and foreign channels rent for broadcast from Tahrir square including a flat rented by Democracy Now channel. The military police confiscated the cameras of the channels.
CBC channel recorded the moment the troops stormed the square but had to cut its on air broadcast later.
Tahrir : Army storming the square and attacking the protesters
Up till now there is no a real channel TV transferring what it is taking place properly.
Anyhow here is a clip by Tom Dale showing the moment of the attack.

Egyptian Army Storm Tahrir Square from Tom Dale on Vimeo.
The army has built another wall , this time at Kasr Al Aini street between the protesters and the cabinet yet the clashes have not stopped. Here is a photo showing the wall while it was being built by Bradley Hope

Journalist Joseph Mayton of Bikya Egypt has been detained by the security forces and transferred to the cabinet HQ where he was treated and beaten. Mayton told Manar Ammar that he was arrested by a group of citizens and later he was taken by the military police. The American embassy knows about Mayton but he may stay there for the nigh. He is detained along Hungarian journalist Mark Fodor. Mayton told Amar that he saw other Egyptian detainees treated badly at the cabinet HQ and there is a back room with over 70 injured detainees in it.
The military police has also stormed the HQ of El Adl party in Garden city after it chased some of its members in the street. The MP arrested about 8 members from El Adl member including 26 years university student Mohamed El Yemmany who was beaten badly. MP Mustafa Al Nagar is going
The chairman of the advisory council Mansour Hassan has threatened to resign today if the violence against the protests is not stopped. El Wasat party’s chairman Abu Ela Mady has already resigned in objection of the continuing attack on the protesters since the morning.

Mady is the 8th member from the advisory of council to resign after these attacks in the past 72 hours.
The Egyptian Scientific society building is on fire and it is totally destroyed on the verge of collapsing, it is one of the old buildings in Egypt , it was founded first by Napoleon in 1798 , then it was moved to that building in 1917. It includes  not less than 200,000 of the most oldest and rarest manuscripts , books and maps in Africa and the Middle East including one of the original versions of “The description of Egypt”
I wonder where the UNESCO is and where the Alexandria library is. Of course all parties are blaming each other whether the army or the protesters but the army is responsible of protecting that building which is more important than the cabinet HQ. Our scientific heritage is completely burnt and I think it is symbolic , our youth is killed , our scientific heritage is burned , our Sheikh is killed , our future is doomed. It is worth to mention that 95% of those in the street last night whether army units or protesters did not know what this building was and what it contained.
There is no hope for a nation its humans are treated like animals , There is no hope for a nation that does not respect its history or science just like nothing.
I am sorry but I can’t keep to myself otherwise I will be lying.

@5:50 PM Cairo local time

The clashes are still going on and the people and the security are hurling stones and molotov , it is scary , I fear someone will be killed again tonight.
The Nour party believes that all this is an attempt to turn people against SCAF !! As expected from the Salafist party despite there are Salafi groups standing with the rest of the angry youth like the Costa guys. 
The Freedom and Justice party’s has issued a statement condemning the attack and consider it as an attempt to sabotage the elections !!
I think the Muslim brotherhood is afraid to participate in anything for fear what happened to them in 1950s. SCAF has issued a statement claiming it was only attacking the thugs and that it would never attack any the revolutionaries and that the public prosecution is following the case.
It is even worse than Mohamed Mahmoud.

A funeral of a real good man , a martyr

Today was the funeral of Sheikh Emad Effat , the chief of grand Mufti’s staff and it was huge and great.
Sheikh Ali Gomaa led the funeral’s prayer that many activists attended as well normal people and sheikhs who chanted against SCAF loudly inside in Al Azhar mosque.
Here is the funeral as it was transferred on religious channel El Hekma.Strangely the Salafi trend icons were not there.
Cairo : The funeral of Sheikh Emad Effat
After burying him , the mourners headed to Tahrir square along including the Mufti and Sheikh in one of the biggest marches to Tahrir square.
By Just Centeric
By Hossam Eid

Father Fleopateer by Ammar Ghonim
By Khaled El Bararmawy
This is a photo taken by Big Pharaoh

The family of the late Sheikh has called issued a statement where they promise to continue on the path of late Sheikh till the country is freed.
According to the latest report a new civilian was shot down by live ammunition. Now the death toll is 10 and more than 400 injured.
Here is a set of photos showing the clashes from Demotix.
The protesters are now trying to save the books at the Scientific society building , they are giving it to the army forces at the American embassy , I hope that the army forces do not destroy the books as some accusing them right now. There are one million book in the building including the original Taba map !!

Here is a photo showing the protester trying to put the fire down.
SCAF has started a video counter campaign showing some protesters setting a building on fire. 


  1. Worse it is.

    More worse is the Egyptian media spreading lies in harmony with SCAF.

    This is The Real Revolution in the making -- will the people overthrow facist SCAF?

    Proof is out there: It is military hand in hand with thugs inciting violence, doing horrendous acts. Only thing missing is Tahrir spreading the information fast enough, and countering government propaganda.

    Mil & Thugs hand in hand: Urinating, Pistol, Beating, - Arabist article

  2. salem
    pouquoi les contre révolutionnaire faut sa c 'est triste je peu pas regarder les videos cars j ai mal de voir l'egypte comme sa je suis très préoccupée il faut faire attention sa commence comme sa sa finira pas '
    c est grave sa peu pas continuer comme sa que veule les jeunes .
    ya pas de travail l économie du pays est catastrophique le tourisme demarre pas.
    c est triste les jeunes meut pourquoi il coûte pas les imams.
    il faut quand même assuré la sécurité national.
    voir brûlé des batiment l égypte na pas les moyens c est une attaque contre le pays'
    quel veule ses jeunes sont payé pour détruire le pays????????

  3. sad events but great stuff!!!! you are doing an amazing job.

  4. That Tom Dale video is incredible. They were hitting people with clubs for no apparent reason. As far as I could see anyway. You could see people pleading, gesturing as if to say, why? I'm not doing anything. Too bad you don't have a 2nd amendment so people could defend themselves.

  5. @Jason, "Too bad you don't have a 2nd amendment so people could defend themselves", really! so tell me how the 2nd amendment has helped the protestors in both Los Angeles and Philadephia?

  6. @Hazem, the Occupy protestors are not 2nd amendment supporters. They don't own guns for the most part. Anyway they weren't brutalized, just arrested or dispersed for being a public nuisance, health hazard, etc.

  7. One very important thing SCAF totally forgot:

    "Egyptians are the most likely population in the world to unconditionally reject individual and military attacks on civilians."

    From Abu Dhabi Gallup Center's 8 months polls in Egypt:,8

  8. The revolutionaries captured today an Egyptian solider. This time his name is Mohamad Shalit. They tried to use him as a bargaining chip and get the imprisoned women released. SCAF replied 'screw him, he is of no value'.

    Army is not a free-thinking structure. Individuals get indoctrinated and follow orders. SCAF, courtesy of USA, substituted the traditional enemy with his own people. In a new Egypt, this will not be the case.

    I disagree with the title (We are fucked). I may personally choose 'AGAIN, we are tested, or 'challenged' or even 'strained'. There is a price to be paid for maturity and evolution. Young people are idealist, and some times are impractical. Revolution is not a 2 hours soccer game, and more hard days will come. Whoever has the long term vision and patience will prevail. Stay the course.

  9. We need to think about this rationally.Stop the emotion and think.

    These protesters wanted elections, then they didn't, then they boycotted them, then they voted. Don't forget this is not Egypt. This is just a few hundred hard core protesters who have so far been happy with nothing. They do not speak for 86 million Egyptians. A big percentage are street kids and thugs. They were singing Ultras songs for Gods sake before the riot.
    One Ultra caused ttrouble. To be honest and if you were ever at a football match you would realise the idiots we are talking about. He got beaten. Ultras beat each other every match and nothing is said.....but oh now because it is the army beating them it is big news. These Ultras are covering the capital in graffitti, they are burning cars and singing their slogans and we are sick of them so I guess the army officers who beat him were sick of them too. Dont forget army soldiers also have feelings.
    Now they destroy the library, Well what do you expect from football thugs!!! yet everyone is blaming the army????

    IF those protesters had let the cabinet function instead of blocking it every day and let Ganz at least try to drag us out of the mess we are in then the libarary would still be standing. Those dead would still be alive. We are responsible because we should have by now learned something!!!! Egyptians need to stop this blame game and take responsibility for once.

    They need to unite and support the army and police because if they dont we are doomed. Not because of the army and police but because of pure ignorance and stupidity. The country is bleeding. What are those sit in protesters going to do when the wheat import doesnt arrive in Alex and they have no bread in 4 months because that is the reality. NO ONE!!!!! is going to invest in a country where the thugs rule and we are running out of money fast. For Gods sake Egyptians wake up and grow up!!!!

  10. @Jason
    ....'Anyway they weren't brutalized, just arrested or dispersed for being a public nuisance, health hazard, etc.....'
    How about policemen pepper spraying innocent protesters in the face (see it on U tube) you hypocrite.

  11. I remember the Time 1991 .Egytians are laughing about Algeria.Now i see egypt a thing on algeria my fahters Himeland ,and my heart get sick . Since December 1991, Algeria has been seized by a wave of violence, which achieved, between 1992 and 1998, the status of virtual civil war. That war was fought between, on the one hand, a military-backed regime and, on the other, a complex, clandestine opposition derived from the country’s banned umbrella Islamist movement, the Front Islamique du Salut (FIS – Jabha Islamiyya li’l-Inqadh). It was triggered by an army-backed coup that blocked the electoral victory of the FIS in the 1991 legislative elections. Official figures put the number of people killed during this period at some 100,000 – or 1,200 deaths a month.

    In April 1999, a page was turned in Algeria’s lengthy political crisis with the election as President of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the military’s preferred candidate and the country’s veteran Foreign Minister under President Boumediènne in the 1970s. Following Bouteflika’s election, hopes rose and violence receded, as the new President introduced a limited amnesty for the perpetrators of violence – the Law on Civil Concord – and promised further fundamental reforms designed to bring the crisis of violence in the country to an end.
    Algeria have Ali Bel Hady ,he is a couraged Men .Egypt have a Mohamed Akef ,Mohammed Habib and some ohters who going to yail fore the freedom .Who are this couraged Mens ? Take care about egypt the Miltary want take the Power ..Take care and remember the Story about your cousins in Algeria..and dont laugh anymore,

  12. The protesters know what they want, they want the military/security state dismantled and replaced with civilian rule. This has been the goal from the beginning. Has it been achieved? No. Not yet. The SCAF wants to re-instil fear. The MB dont want protests, they want people to submit to authority. The Salafists just ignore the protests because it has nothing to do with their agenda.
    To the above commentator: Thugs ruled Egypt for years and investors had no qualms about investing. The point is not to be ruled by thugs
    in the future. How to achieve this?

  13. Just like they have done before, I bet that the SCAF will issue an apology and a promise to investigate.........the bull shit continues!

  14. It's so so sad for me understand that most of Egyptian people stay with the Army, and justify the brutality of Army and police against some protesters, while the rest of the world speaks of violent and unjustified repression, and looks shocked videos of police and army shooting against the crowd, throwing stones from the roofs, beating brutally unarmed people ... obviously sided openly sympathetic to the protesters and cannot justify for any reason this kind of violence.
    SCAF is eating Egyptians souls, saying that he does this for our own good.

    Stay human ... please!

  15. How can 'anonymous' tell such bare-faced lies? Ultra or not, and the vast majority of those in the videos above were most certainly not, how can anyone human justify such barbarity? Of course, this is not Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo, and these are Egyptians not Americans, so I doubt we'll hear anything constructive from either the Islamists or their chauvinistic admirers. M'slamah

  16. Anon 11:23 is superficial, apologetic and depicts a lack of substance. One way to proof this judgement beyond doubt is to read calmly the blog of Michel Nabil that caused his imprisonment. You will see a simple and convincing analysis of corrupted SCAF power machine. The argument of Anon 11:23, by intention or thru ignorance, is following the same SCAF playbook exposed by Nabil.

    See the blog for yourself (link below) without preconceived bias (Nabil has many other problematic views), and then form your educated opinion.

    Be honest and be fair.

  17. OMFG check these pics and especially the video at the bottom of the page. Female protesters brutally beaten. Soldiers ripping off a woman's clothes and stomping on her. It's clearly the same event as Zenobia's top videos in this post, but different video.

  18. I have to wonder who is in charge of the military right now? If they are still acting on their own then it is a bad situation. A new constitution needs to be written but not by the military. And these newly elected parliament members are they just sitting back and not applying pressure on the military? Or are they acting with the military?

    As I said once before getting rid of a dictator is the easy part. Forming a new government is not so easy.

  19. Thank you so much for tirelessly continuing to post us these detailed explanations of what is going on, it is very hard to find out in English about Egypt between occasional newspaper articles. Thanks a lot, and i am very sad about it, somehow i thought, if it got bad, it would be back in Feb/March, not now,later....

  20. The square is not Egypt, whatever happens there reflectas all over. There are people in the south dependant on tourists, they are now living hand to mouth buying half kilos of vegetables at a time only and trying to feed their families with no hope of any income for the next six months maybe longer. These ignorant people ( so called yesterday on the TV) are terrified of what is happening, they see no hope for them
    or their children. I know people in the square from the beginning were paid and fed by unseen hands. The people of south would be happy to have 1/4 of the money given out to prpotestors in Cairo. There is no justice here!

  21. As an Egyptian living and working for the past 25 years in England, I was dismayed at the two major recent serious damaging events to the Brave Egyptian Revolution at the hands of the unqualified and incompetent Military rulers of SCAF that are solely responsible for their execution. The first is the brutality of the criminal Egyptian Military Police towards civilised women and protesters that has destroyed the credibility of the whole Egyptian army throughout the entire world. The second is the SCAF acceptance of the illegal buying of votes of poor Egyptian People by the Saudi-funded and Criminial Extremist Al-Nour Party.
    Tthe following 3 urgent actions must be implemented before the January anniversary of the Brave Egyptian Revolution:
    - Legal Investigation in the criminal conduct of buying votes of Egyptian Voting people by the Saudi-funded and Corrupt Al-Nour Party that should lead to the nullifying of its false success of 30% during the Parlimantary elections and the re-distributing the percentages for the other civilised parties according to the voting results by the Election committee.
    - United Alliance of all civilised Liberal parties in Egypt with single campaign against the extremist corrupt Al-Nour Party leading to a higher successful percentage of more than 35% of voting share for the civilised Liberal Parties during all forthcoming elections in Egypt.
    - United strong support for the Election of Dr El-Baradhy as the next President of Egypt who is the only qualified AND credible choice to realise a civilised civilian EGYPT free from the Dictatorship of both the unqualified Brutal Military and the Saudi-funded Extremist Al-Nour Party in 2012.
    I pledge my full unconditional support to the Brave Egyptian Revolution and the civilised Liberal Parties in Egypt of whom I am very Proud.
    Kind regards,
    Professor Hassan Tawhid HASSAN
    Professor of Haematology & Medical Director
    England, UK


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