Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anti-Zionism is not a charge in our Egyptian law and Nader El Assar is not a member of SCAF !!!

In less 24 hours the news that Sheikh Salah Sultan of MB was accused of anti-Zionism by some army officer related to the SCAF and you can imagine how the Egyptian revolutionary social media world acted despite the fact there is nothing in the Egyptian law called “Anti-Zionism law”.
Yes there is nothing in the Egyptian law called “Anti-zionism” law , of course nowadays we hear about strange charges that got no origin in our laws like for instance “Deceiving the public opinion” still we want something called “The state of law” thus we have to defend our rights and make it clear that we know the law very well so not to be fooled or get scared.
Now the original accusation from the official controversial MB website are aside the news’ explosive title :
  • Insulting SCAF and the armed forces.
  • Inciting citizens to kill Zionists/Israelis
Anti-Zionism is not a charge in the Egyptian law and never has been so I do not know why the Muslim brotherhood websites mislead the people in that way that nor why some of the prominent activists on twitter repeat it as if it is true.
Police officer Ahmed El Assar of the infamous Al Azbakia police station. El Assar also reported the injured student Mohand Moslahy as one of the thugs in the cabinet HQ clashes despite he is badly injured. Mohand is still in detention pending investigation despite his bad injury.
Now because of that officer’s last name was El Assar ,our twitter activists thought he was the son of Lt. General Mohamed El Assar , the member of SCAF and the man who is responsible the American file in the ministry of defense
First there is difference between the two names in Arabic , second of all he is not the son of Mohamed El Assar but rather allegedly Lt. General Nader El Assar who is not a member of SCAF as well.
The MB’s official websites did a very extensive coverage and one of its websites claimed that Sheikh Safwat Hegazy contacted allegedly El Assar’s father , the Lt. General who told him that his son acted based on “higher orders”.
I do not know for what reason would an army Lt.General reveal that for Safwat Hegazy who says everything to the media !? I mean if there were higher orders than this general and his son will be very careful to reveal like that !!?
El Shatar , Hania and El Assar in Gaza 
Now I did a quick search online about Nader El Assar in both Arabic and English and what I found out is that the only Lt. Nader El Assar mentioned in the news was Egypt’s main negotiator in the Galid Shalit deal between Hamas and Israel and that he is a senior officer in the Egyptian intelligence from the team responsible for the Palestine/Israel relations files in the GIS. General El Assar had been also our former consul in Tel Aviv. Currently General Nader El Assar is heading the Egyptian negotiation team in the Palestinian reconciliation file.
Already interestingly enough I found out that on December 26 ,2011 El Assar visited Ismail Hania in Gaza with a big a delegation from the GIS along with a delegation from the Muslim brotherhood headed by none other than Khairat El Shatar.
The Muslim brotherhood delegation would not go to Gaza so easily with the approval of the intelligence and the intelligence without doubt needs the MB because of they are the mother group of Hamas.
I am sorry but I do not imagine a man who heads an important position in the Egyptian intelligence will reveal to Safwat Hegazy that his son took orders from above from whoever to report Sheikh Sultan so easily at all !!!!!!!
In fact I doubt that the son of our ex-consul in Tel Aviv who heads a big position in the intelligence right will be working in the Azbakia police station and stalking activists in this way !!!!!!!!!!! There should be another Nader El Assar we are speaking about here.
Needless to say I know some will take what I wrote as a global conspiracy !!
Anyhow back the anti-zionism charges thing !!
Sheikh Salah Sultan is a member of the Muslim brotherhood as well member of the the international union of Islamic Scholars which is headed by Sheikh Youssef El Karadawy. He also heads the American Islamic center for research in Columbus , Ohio. Needless to say the right wing in the States has labeled Sultan as the Ohio terror Sheikh because of his opinions about Zionism , Israel , US administration and 9/11.
That officer Ahmed El Assar accused him of insulting SCAF and inciting people to kill Israelis/Zionists because of a speech he said in mid August 2011 during a public conference held in Cairo in solidarity with El Quds !!
Yes late August 2011 where he attacked SCAF for its week reaction against Israel and the murder of Egyptian military officers and soldiers by the IDF then and amazingly El Assar remembered it in mid January 2012 !!!!
El Assar said in the speech that if SCAF can bring back the rights of these soldiers then it should hand over the power and go to the borders to protect and that there will be big revolution again from all people in Egypt against Israel. I do not see any insult to SCAF in this because actually then and even now people are attacking SCAF day and night !!
Anyhow the problem was not in the part concerning SCAF but rather the Israelis or to accurate the Zionists as Dr. Sultan calls them. Sultan said in the speech if SCAF did not restored back the right of those Egyptians killed on the borders , he can reissue a fatwa the international union for Islamic Scholars issued in year 1994 after the massacre of Ibrahimi Mosque. That 1994 fatwa was to kill any Zionist / Israeli would come to Egypt whether tourist or not.
All what I can say about that radical fatwa was it is more of radical emotion fatwa issued in a extreme angry time , I remember the massacre of Ibrahimi mosque created so much anger not only in Egypt but across the Islamic world.
I do not need to say that many Islamic scholars will disagree with that fatwa that has not been used and nobody remembers it except Sultan who said it last year and ironically no one paid attention to except the right wing media in the States then and police officer El Assar in January 2012 !!
Of course since September 2011 and that speech has been circulating right wing websites in the States and Israel with translation to highlight his controversial fatwa.
The Fatwa of Dr. Salah Sultan
Sultan’s house in Ohio was set on fire and his son Mohamed was injured and transferred to the hospital yesterday. From his side Sultan accused the Zionists and the American administration of setting up the fire and attempting to kill his son.
According to Sultan’s lawyer he left the country and headed to the States to check on his son and family and that the prosecution has delayed the investigation. The lawyer added that these accusations are a return to the old techniques of Mubarak’s state security and that he was being punished for criticizing SCAF publicly in Egypt.
This incident has it all : Muslim brotherhood, Islamists, Zionists, States, SCAF, Police, army , fatwas , stupid charges, Al Azbakia police station , the Muslim brotherhood official website !!!!!!
Knowing the very good relation between SCAF and the MB , I am quite surprised with the whole incident and its timing to the level that my sick is wondering if the whole matter is set up to create both sympathy to the MB among the revolutionaries before #Jan25 so they would go back to their control on the scene in Tahrir square as well to create sympathy for SCAF abroad.
I know my mind seems sick but honestly these days you have to suspect everybody from what you hear and read from news and rumors on a daily basis that defy logic.

Updated :

Now bloggers are being called to blog against Zionism so we will be charged by that pseudo charge , strangely for years we have been doing this for years on a daily basis !!
The students of the German university in Cairo “GUC” will burn the Israeli “Zionist” flag in solidarity with Sultan.


  1. Ahavat Eretz Israel1/17/2012 11:50:00 PM

    This cleric issued a fatwa that every Israeli who enters Egypt--tourist or not--should be killed. This is inciting murder and this is a crime. I love SCAF so much.

    This German University should be shut down. Germans have no right whatsoever turning against Israel.

  2. I don't understand, Egypt is in a terrible state, shortages of cooking gaz, shortages of petrol, economy at standstill,and yet so much time and energy devoted on side issues! Yes, side issues, first, do something for the Egyptian people, set up a stable government, work for the economy - then take care of the rest!

  3. Sweety, come on, "is more of radical emotion fatwa"? i'm not a religious person and maybe neither are you but for religious Fatwa decree is a serious thing which certain people acts upon it. maybe it was a spark of emotional thing but after you issued such a fatwa, one can't control it's eco-effect.

    He has the authority and with that comes the responsibility.
    It is not just a Fatwa.

  4. @Ahavat Eretz Israel: Germans, like every human being on this planet, have every right, indeed duty, to stand up for victims of ethnic cleansing and apartheid, and to oppose state-sanctioned armed robbery and murder.

    Justice and human rights are indivisible, including the right to express one's conscience, and only a Zionism-perverted mind would claim that crimes should be condemned or supported depending on the race/ethnicity of the perpetrator and the victim.

    Not surprisingly, you "love SCAF so much", given its brutality and savagery against the Egyptian people, and its corruption and betrayal of the Egyptian nation, just as you Israelis love the tyrant Mubarak, and for the same reasons.

    Speaking of inciting murder, and the fact that this is, indeed a crime, you might want to spare some of your moral outrage for Israel's leading rabbis:

    How to Kill Goyim and Influence People: Israeli Rabbis Defend Book's Shocking Religious Defense of Killing Non-Jews (with Video)

    I'm no fan of the MB, but even the worst of them don't call for murdering children and even babies!

  5. congrats zenobia, you have many Zionist readers and commenters:D
    I would like to grab their attention and say to them "GO TO HELL"

  6. Zionism will destroy our planet and the mad skulls in Israel are ready to push the button.
    Britain made the biggest historical error creating that apartheid regime. Hitler would be proud of the Israelis. Zieg Heil Neyanyahu!

    Every right thinking human on the planet should be horrified at their 60 years of crimes.

  7. How much peace would there be on earth if religion is banned?
    c)A lot.


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