Sunday, January 22, 2012

El Manaway’s book , we should have seen this coming

And Abdel Latif El Manawy is back once again to the scene celebrating the #Jan25 Revolution in his own way , by publishing a book in London about those 18 days from inside the Mubarak regime’s camp using the magical “Tahrir” word.
The new book of the former head of the infamous news sector in the Egyptian TV is called “Tahrir : the last 18 days of Mubarak” and I do not know if he will dedicate a whole chapter about the amount of lies his news sector aired through out the 18 days.
You know this will sell in the west without doubt !! You can read about the book in Times , unfortunately the Times is not free to browse thanks to Robert Murdoch but thankfully El Manawy published what was written about his new book in his twitter account.  “Here is also a copy from what is published in the Times at the Australian
To be honest I do not believe some of the parts like for instance how Suzanne broke down !!
Bakry's book with its ugly cover
El Manawy’s new twitter account is only made for public appearances in London as far as I could tell , of course I hope that he opens a direct discussion with the tweeps because I think we all have a lot of questions about many things beyond the news sector starting with the Soad Hosni for instance. 
We are in the Tahrir inspired books written by former regime writers , already from earlier we found Mostafa Bakry the former Pro-Mubarak and current Pro-SCAF publishing a book called “The army and the revolution : From Tahrir square to Victory !!” with details that make you wonder if the army or rather field marshal Tantawy were the brain behind the #Jan25 after all !!
I think El Manawy and Bakry should have a lit longer , at least till we forget their past for a while !!
Aside from El Manawy and Mostafa Bakry , we got the legendary Haikel who has just published book called “Mubarak , his time from the Nasr city podium to Tahrir square”.
You can read excerpts of Haikel’s new book here.
Unlike El Manawy and Bakry , there is no doubt that Haikel has been written that book about Mubarak and his era for years waiting for the right the time to publish it. I believe that Haikel did not imagine that Mubarak would stay all those years.
I imagine more books about Tahrir square and the revolution will be featured at the Cairo International book Fair that will be inaugurated today

off the topic :

 Abdel Latif El Manawy has got a blog right now if you are interested in reading his opinions. Also here his wife TV host Rola Kharsa’s twitter account, Kharsa is currently working at Sadaa El Bald TV channel which is widely believed to be owned


  1. 1. They're writing what people want to read; drama.

    2. They're writing so soon, because it'll increase the book success.

    3. They're writing first, because first impressions last longer.

    4. Haikal wrote a similar book about Sadat shortly after the latter's assassination.

    5. The three of them are big liars, though Haikal is by far the smartest and most gifted.

  2. Haikel got experience and brain the other two they do not have

  3. This post appears to be dedicated to slanting and/or praising books that have the blogger has not read.

    Call me a buff old traditionalist, but I prefer to read books before deciding upon them.

    If this is indicative of the way that Egyption liberals treat most issues (judge and rant first, without doing adequate research beforehand) then I fear that the Egyptian political culture still has some way to go.


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