Thursday, January 19, 2012

From Egyptian Venice to Egyptian Alps !!

Egypt has got it all !!

A street in Alexandria (Alexandria Live)
 The first picture is from Alexandria that is turning to Venice because of the rainy weathers , it is getting worse  every year I suppose , hopefully insh Allah we do not see this scene next. 
Saint Catherine Mount
The amazing photo is from Saint Catherine Mount in Sinai , really amazing.
I think it is not the first time I share a photo for the snow over Saint Catherine Mount in the cold winter.


  1. fantastic pictures!

  2. Let the rain clean the streets, Ya ZoZo ... Nothing in Egypt, but nothing; no Rudeness, no Chaos, no lawlessness, nor loudness irked me as did the trash everywhere.....

    People's homes are neat and clean, but you step out, and it's a trash can, the streets are used to dumb garbage, the towns, the cities are all like waste paper bins ... It is as if people thought of their streets, towns and cities foreign entities, to which they neither belong nor claim!

    It was the greatest shock of my entire trip ... Nothing crossed me as did this lack of respect for cleanliness; Nothing!

    1. Don't forget to mention the aroma of urine and human waste.

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..


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