Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nabil El Araby puts an end to presidential candidacy rumors

and Nabil El Araby put an end for the speculations about his presidential candidacy after it was mentioned publicly last night in Al Hayat Al Youm TV show interview.

It is worth to mention that despite his refusal to the idea , his name received some sort of acceptance from many people.

Now you must know that several political powers began to agree after months and months of endless useless debate that we should have the presidential elections before the constitution just like our constitutional declaration.

The MB already expressed officially their support to the original road map to the constitution declaration.

SCAF had another roadmap where after the parliamentary elections we are going to draft the constitution then we are going to have the presidential elections. Whether you think we should have the constitution first or not , I think after one year it is better for the sake of everybody especially the Egyptian army that we should have an interim president as soon as possible.

There is a suggestion supported by several political groups and parties that we would have the presidential elections by April 2012 , it is a good one as well.

Of course there are important questions everybody is ignoring :

  • How will the relation be between the president and armed forces as he will be the head of armed forces ?
  • Who can really become the interim president of Egypt in this critical time from all these names on the scene !?

I think the first question is the like the elephant in the room everybody ignores because will the army that refused Gamal Mubarak as a civilian will accept another civilian so easily !? Some will say that the army will have its own candidates in the race like Khairallah, Shafik , Moussa and even El Awa yet what about the future !?

Tantawy is expected to address the parliament on January 23rd ,2012 by the way.

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