Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nagham El Halbawy , more than just one case in a critical time

Nagham El Halbawy , a 16 years old girl lives in Alexandria who was kidnapped from her house while she was alone on December 29th,2011. It was not the first kidnap or disappearance case in Egypt after the revolution nor it would be the last yet there was something special about Nagham’s case unlike other kidnap case : The political background.
Nagham’s case came to the media especially social media’s attention after it was known that she is the younger sister of Sheikh Mohamed ElHelbawy , the coordinator of potential presidential candidate Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail
The famous Islamist controversial presidential candidate did  not waste any time and believed that the kidnappers had political motives.
“It has got the state security stamps on it”
Abu Ismail claims
There were some strange remarks about the kidnap according to her brother Sheikh El Helbawy.The kidnappers did not call up till now to ask for a ransom and there was nothing valuable stolen from their home during the kidnap instead the whole house was turned upside down. Another remark I am so curious about was that she was kidnapped between 11 AM to 12.30 PM at the midday , where were the neighbors then especially when some pieces of the furniture at their home were smashed.
Abu Ismail is known for his strong criticism to SCAF but one thing I know for sure his big threats and ultimatums to SCAF have proven to be full of hot air.
Honestly I am not from the team that would jump in to the wagon of the political conspiracy theory right away because I read the crime page for months now and there was a terrible increase in kidnap cases throughout Egypt but no one is paying attention for some reason in the Egyptian social media. 
Personally I  know a friend whose toddler cousin and her nanny were kidnapped from their house in New Cairo during the first day of the parliamentary elections when everybody was at the polling stations.The kidnappers called the family after 24 hours demanding a ransom , when the family prepared the ransom in coordination with the police and went to the location where they would leave the ransom to find the baby girl and her nanny there alone !! Needless to the baby girl is in shock up till now and her nanny was raped !!!!!!!!!! I did not follow up the case to know if the police managed to get the criminals or not. There are other famous cases like Zeina Anwar El Sadat and that AUC student.
Another thing if the state security is playing its old games and tricks once again, well I must confess that I can’t get their reason because if they want to intimidate Sheikh El Halbawy and Sheikh Hazem , well they failed so far because all what I see is extreme anger from security forces and SCAF , an anger that can be exploded sooner than later. 
Needless to say this comes in a very critical time , several activists were reportedly abducted by unknown parties “allegedly security services” before the latest crackdown in mysterious incidents.  I do not understand honestly if you want to calm things down after these incidents
By the way I have enough from radical Salafists who are attacking Liberals and leftists online for not bringing the case despite as far as I could liberals and leftists online brought up the case since day one. I will not go in details on how some TV personalities like Khaled Abdullah “I do not consider him a Sheikh anymore” use this case for dirty political issues because what matters to me is the life of a 16 years old girl whom I am praying that she is safe right now and unharmed aside from all that political debate.
I hope and pray that Nagham will return back home safe unharmed and that her kidnap has not political or religious background what so over.
Here is a free Nagham Facebook page as well her brother’s twitter account Mohamed El Helbawy.
Please pray for her return safe to her home.


  1. دعيني اعبر لكي عن اعجابي المستمر لمواقفك الحيادية و لارائك المتزنة، انت تمثلي لي حجر الزاوية لكيف يجب ان يكون النشطاء - حسام العقدة

  2. I have never seen this article in any english news site for egypt news, so really I dont find the liberals are mentioning it, at least not in english. if this was a coptic girl, the entire internet would be flooding with news about her. may allah protect her and keep her safe, and return her unharmed to her family


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