Sunday, January 29, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : Hot battles in extreme cold weather “Graphic”

Nearly 200 martyrs have been killed in the past 3 days in Syria , most of them in Homs and Hama , 320 martyrs have been killed in the past 5 days in Syria ,
If the news of these battles between the free Syrian army “Revolutionary” and the Arab Syrian army “Pro-El Assad” today are true , then we are in front huge escalation , hot escalation in the extreme cold weather in Syria now.
There is no news regarding those Iranians who were captured last week.
There have been news that the fights in the suburbs of  Damascus that reached near to the airport.According to some observers what happened near the airport or rather at the airport was a new defection in the army.
There are confirmed clashes between the two armies in Homs and in Reef Dimshaq. There were rumors that forces in Ghouta region in Reef Dimshaq were going to cut the TV transmission.
Reef Dimshaq : The bombardment of the city of Erbin on January 29th
The news of Homs is not good by all measures , the shelling and bombardment of the city continue while the LAS delegate as the Syrian national council delegate have arrived to New York to have talks with the UN and Security council. Nabil El Araby hopes that China and Russia would change their mind and stop supporting El Assad’s regime , well a man in his experience in the international politics especially in UN should have known better.
Popular Salafist Sheikh Adnan Al Aroor has denied he issued a fatwa about killing the Arab observers in Syria.
The massacres in Homs are continuing as well the massacres in Hama and in Reef Dimshaq as well the cradle of the Syrian revolution Daraa.
The shelling in Homs started from early morning and has not stopped yet. The Baba Amr neighborhood has got its share from bombardment as usual today , already I feel that this neighborhood is a war ghost town area from the city of Homs.
Homs : A house in Baba Amr area after bombardment on January 29th
Here is one of the injured from Baba Amr quarter
Homs : The Injured from Baba Amr on January 29,2012
Electricity and waters are reportedly cut in one of the neighborhood in Homs “Al Asheera” neighborhood for 5 days now. The electricity is reportedly cut for many hours and even days in Homs.
Homs : The ammunition used in Al Hamidia quarter on January 29th
These two beautiful kids were reportedly killed in Homs last week
El Saba’a quarter in the city of Homs is said to be isolated from the whole world for two months now , I remember I used to see videos from protests there in the past but I have not seen clips allegedly filmed there. Tweeps report that the quarter suffers huge losses and casualties , whole buildings have collapsed and totally set on fire.
More than 150 martyrs have been reportedly killed so far in El Saba’a , more than 500 of its residents were reportedly injured and most of the residents either left it or try to leave it now.
In the city of El Rastan the pro-El Assad forces are trying to control the bakery shops in the city to stop baking food. 
By the way please follow that tweep “Samsom Homs” from news from Homs city , of course he is not online all the time , but at least he is a good source for the info in the city.
Samsom attended last Friday the funeral of that kid in Homs
There has been a terrible massacre in one of the villages following Hama ,  “Shizra citadel” village more than 25 civilians have been killed. “Extremely graphic”
Hama : Shizra citadel village massacre “Graphic”
The telecommunications and electricity are cut in several areas and then come back through out the day.
@6PM CLT there was news that the students of Aleppo university were having a march to the main square in the city of Aleppo and that people were joining them.
Aleppo : A protest at Al Ansha’at bridge
Back to Cairo there have been an attempt to break in to the Syrian embassy in Giza by angry protesters on last Friday but the attempt failed , nevertheless the Syrian embassy is now being transferred to some where in Garden City besides the American and British embassies to ensure more security.
Moving to Turkey , the Syrian refugees are suffering especially after their camps have been flooded by rains in the past days.
The refugees situation is not that good at all

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