Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bradley manning would love to trade places !!

The famous Bradley Manning who leaked the famous Wikileaks suffered a lot when he was detained at the Marine Corps Base Quantico where he knew what was the meaning of military detention and military prison for real before he was transferred after a world campaign to Midwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility
Now without knowing Manning , I would tell you that this young American would really love to trade places with that April 8th officer who currently tweets on a daily basis from his cell from the military prison !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never seen in my life a prisoner detained in a military prison in a third world country who tweets on a daily basis except in Egypt , please put under military prison in a third world country hundred lines.
I am sorry but I do not buy it and will not buy it , it is not about Mohamed Wadieh but about that guy who tweets using his identity. I am not convinced that a man in a military prison for defection under the rule of restless military junta will spend all his day tweeting about the dirty laundry of that junta and he is not afraid nor harmed for days now.
I am speaking about a man whose tweets were retweeted over hundred times and shared all over the Facebook in Egypt , a man who is currently in military detention and some of the young tweeps take his word as granted and as a fuel for their anger to increase it more and more.
Of course what increased my suspicion is how that tweep joined the wagon and accused the Muslim brotherhood of being traitors claiming that the doctor that did that disgusting inhuman virginity test to Samira Ibrahim was a MB recruited by State Security !!
That tweet made me mad because clearly I knew to whoever behind this account wanted to create even bigger gap and division among political powers in Egypt.
That alleged officer spoke with a big admiration with Maikel Nabil on twitter , well I know very well with the dirty laundry of SCAF but I know the true officers of the Egyptian army can’t stomach Pro-Zionists. This tweet made me feel that it was intended to discredit and defame the officers of April 8th.
Sorry I am not fool or idiot enough to believe officers accused of defection got easy internet access , ok I can understand that they can get mobile phones like other prisoners in Egypt but to have internet access , this is too much.
The April 8th officers could have faced death penalty for defection according to military laws but military prosecution gave them light sentences compared to the death penalty. 
 Updated : Thanks to journalist Ahmed Ateyya I knew that the April 8th officers are being accused of misconduct, disobedience and spreading "chasms" among soldiers charges. The maximum Punishment of these charges accordingly 30 years.
They have got access to media , they sent interviews attacking SCAF in newspapers like Sawt Al Oma “it was published and I have got that issue”
Those officers could be the luckiest military prisoners in the Egyptian history for God sake !!
Is SCAF afraid from public backlash ? Well actually if we are going to speak about the majority of the public well most Egyptians refuse any spilt in the Egyptian army and I remember that many of the Egyptians were scared to death from that spilt on April 8th despite they know better than you are about the dirty laundry of everybody.
Something is not normal and I will not cancel my mind because of the revolutionary spirit ,I know the history of military rule and the army well enough in Egypt to be amazed from all this. I think the April 8th officers , the officers themselves had noble feelings and were used / are being used as pawns in some sort of big power game and actually I feel that game in front of me when I see these tweets.
I know I will be attacked and accused of all sorts of treason to the revolution charges but hell no I was not afraid in time of Mubarak from expressing my opinion freely so I will be afraid now. I will not be a silent devil and I do not care if it costs me a lot because God gave me a brain to use and not to be fooled.
Update : That tweep officer , the ambassador of April 8 on twitter is going to leave the account by the request of his family


  1. Arab bloggers often complain that Bradley Manning is not well treated by the US military. How would an openly homosexual traitor be treated in Arab countries? LOL

  2. Mohamed Wadiee was a Navy SEAL in SEAL Team 4.

    If that guy is in jail, then who's deserves to be out of jail?!


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