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El Shater's candidacy reactions : Even his daughter is shocked like the rest of us “Updated”

It has been few hours after the press conference of Muslim brotherhood and its political arm "Freedom and Justice Party" in Cairo where they announced that Khairat El Shater will run for presidential elections on behalf of the brotherhood and its party , yet political reactions have not stopped and it's nearly midnight in Cairo.
From Sarah El Shater's FB profile
The biggest and surprising reaction we got in those few hours is the reaction of Sara Khairat El Shater, the daughter of Egypt's newest presidential candidate. Sara has published a very interesting status on her Facebook profile "I am shocked from the candidacy of my father after knowing the news like the rest of Egyptians. God help us " Later Sara explained that she does not object the Shura council order but she was surprised and shocked from the huge surprise and responsibility of its position. “He has not been elected yet”
It is worth to mention that the protest of the MB youth in front of the MB HQ from two weeks ago was led by El Shater's son in law. I do not know which daughter as the former  leftist got 10 children.
Of course we began to meet more of his children on twitter like Hassan El Shater
In another tweet Hassan Said: “God be with you dad” !!
On the other hand Saad El Shater began to campaign for his father announcing the launch of Khairat El Shater 2012 Campaign !!
We also got Khadija El Shater who did not update her twitter account since March8th after praising her dad.
Interestingly enough The Military secret account that follows the unofficially SCAF wrote a very interesting tweet about El Shater.
“Khairat El Shater was born on May 4th just like the former president Mubarak. His daughters are only married from inside the brotherhood , one of his achievements is founding Ikhawn Web website.” 
The Muslim brotherhood members are defending their choice on TV channels. Mohamed Abu Baraka claimed that El Shater will resign from his companies that we do not know for real anything about except they are actually the investments of brotherhood. The brotherhood says that the supreme court has dropped the charges against El Shater.
Shorouk News published a report claiming that a military source told the newspaper that SCAF has not dropped the charges against El Shater in the MB Militia case. The MB militia case was referred to the military court not the civilian court
Veteran Muslim brotherhood member Kamal El Helbawy announced his resignation from the brotherhood because of its decision on TV , on Dream TV .El Helbawy has been critical to the decisions of the brotherhood publicly lately. According to Al Hayat There is a wave of resignation in the brotherhood following the decision of Shura Council.
Dream TV : Kamal El Helbawy resigns from MB on air
"I feel sorry for the MB youth" Helbawy said. "The Shura council should stick to its former decision that it expelled Abu El Fotoh because of it" the veteran member added. El Helbawy also attacked Saad El Katatani, FJP member and the speaker of the people's assembly for sending a telegram in solidarity with King Hamed of Bahrain.
Islamist presidential candidate Mohamed Salim El Awa denied the rumors that he withdrew from the presidential race on TV in Amr Adeeb's TV show. The famous Islamist thinker slammed El Shater describing him as a merchant and that Egypt does not need merchants.
Ex-deputy chairman Mohamed Habib used the same word “Merchant” El Awa had used to describe El Shater. “I will not accept that the head of state in Egypt to be a merchant” Habib told Amr Adeeb.
"The Muslim brotherhood is politically gambling" Loud mouth lawyer and presidential candidate Mortada Mansour commented on the decision of the brotherhood on Tahrir TV. The lawyer who attacks everybody made sense for the first time when he said that El Shatar will only divide the Islamist vote. This is the first time Mansour makes sense, of course after two minutes he spoke about Shikha Mozza that wants to rule middle east and does not like Bashar El Assad.
Leftist presidential candidate Abu El Ezz El Hariri has accused both MB and SCAF as well Mubarak regime Of pushing El Shater to the presidential elections.

Wael Ghonim , the revolution activist has slammed the decision of the Muslim brotherhood, “I do not see any reason for the Muslim brotherhood to change their old decision and have a presidential candidate when there are several Islamist candidates that got an Islamist project just like MB” Wael said in a FB note from short time while ago.
Al Nour Party has denied the reports that it will endorse El Shater.
In nutshell most people are angry and believe that the MB is the new NDP.
The Muslim brotherhood began to market for Khairat El Shater already calling him “Egypt’s Mandela” and “Joseph of Egyptian economy” !!!

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  1. @Zeinobia "the former leftist got 10 children" El Shater does? Really? Wow. The English language Wikipedia article about him does not mention that.


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