Sunday, March 25, 2012

The final List of constituent assembly

Here is the final list of constituent assembly members after it was announced by Mostafa Bakry @ 5 AM on Sunday
Freedom and justice members in PA :
  1. Saad El Katatani “Speaker of PA”
  2. Ahmed Diab
  3. Hussein Ibrahim “Parliamentary spokesperson of FJP”
  4. Osama Yassin “ The head of the Youth committee in PA”
  5. Mohamed El Beltagy
  6. Hoda Ghania “ a Woman MP”
  7. Farid Ismail
  8. Essam El Erian “ The head of foreign affairs committee”
  9. Tarek El Dessouki “ The head of economic affairs committee”
  10. Yousri Hani
  11. Sobhi Saleh “ The head of the constitutional affairs committee”
  12. Khaled Al Azhari
  13. Soliman Salem
  14. Abdel Rahman Shoukry
  15. Ahmed Abdel Rahman
Al Nour Party  members in PA :
  1. Ashraf Thabet “deputy PA’s speaker”
  2. Younes Makhyoun
  3. Talaat Marzouk “ The head of complains and proposals committee”
  4. Adel Azazi
  5. Shaaban Abdel Alim
  6. Salah Abdel Maboud
  7. Walid Mahrous
  8. Mohamed Mansour
Other parties members in PA :
  1. Essam Sultan of Al Wasat Party “Lawyer”
  2. Mahmoud El Sakka of Al Wafd party “Lawyer”
  3. Mohamed Dawoud of Al Wafd Party “ deputy PA’s speaker”
  4. Margaret Azar of Al Wafd party “ Christian and woman”
  5. Mohamed Anwar El Sadat of Reform and development party “ The head of human rights committee” 
  6. Ahmed Said of Free Egyptians Party “ The leader of the liberal party”
  7. Saad Aboud of Nasserite Karama Party 
  8. Ziad Bahaa El Din of Egyptian Social Democratic Party “ The party has announced its withdrawal from the assembly earlier this morning according to official statement”
  9. Hany Nour El Din of Building and Development party 
Independent MPs in PA :
  1. Former Lt.General Abbas Mokhamair “The head of national security and defense committee ”
  2. Mahmoud Khodeiry “ Reformist Judge The head of legislative affairs committee”
  3. Amr Hamazawy “A liberal political sciences professor and analyst, He has withdrew according to an announcement he issued today’s morning”
  4. Amr El Shobaki “Political sciences professor and analyst”
  5. Wahid Abdel Magid “Political sciences professor and analyst”
The Shura council members are classified as follows :
The Freedom and Justice Party Shura council members :
  1. Ahmed Fahmy “Speaker of Shura council”
  2. Ali Fath El Bab “Parliamentary spokesperson of FJP”
  3. Susan Saad Zaglol “Woman MP”
  4. Moussa Hozyan
  5. Taher Soliman “Lawyer”
  6. Mohamed Talaat Khashaba “ Lawyer in Upper Egypt and head of education and scientific research committee”
  7. Ezz El Din Abdel Wahab
  8. Mohamed Tousoun
  9. Maher Ahmed “From Alexandria”
Al Nour party members :
  1. Tarek El Sihari “Deputy chairman of Shura Council”
  2. Abdel Salem Rageb
  3. Hassan Omar “Member of education and scientific research committee”
Members from other parties :
  1. Ehab Kharat of Egyptian Social democratic party “ Christian , head of humans rights committee , Withdrew this morning”
The prominent personalities from non parliamentarians elected in the constituent assembly :
  1. Sheikh Nasr Farid Wassel “ The former grand Mufti of Egypt”
  2. Dr. Mohamed Amara “ Famous Islamist Thinker”
  3. Farouk Goweida “ The famous poet and writer in Al Ahram newspaper.
  4. Sheikh Hussein Hamed Hassan “ Served as a professor of Sharia in the faculty of Economics and political sciences as well one of the famous advocates of Islamic finance in the Arab and Muslim world”
  5. Ex-ambassador Mohamed Fathy Rifaah El Tahatawy “ Egypt’s former ambassador in Libya and ex-Spokesperson of Al Azhar who resigned from his position in the early days of the revolution as well the grandson of famous Rifaah El Tahatawy
  6. Dr. Nadia Mostafa “A political sciences professor”
  7. Dr. Ahmed Harara “ The famous Ahmed Harara , the dentist who turned in to a revolutionary protesting symbol after losing both his eyes during the protests in 2011 Updated : Dr. Ahmed has resigned , I expected this ”
  8. Judge Hossam El Ghariany “ The head of the supreme council of judiciary , a reformist judge and is on the MB’s potential presidential candidates despite his refusal”
  9. Judge Yahia El Dakarory “ The former head of Judges’ club and deputy chairman of State security”
  10. Judge Abdel Abdel Hamid “ The current minister of justice”
  11. Dr. El Siyad Badawy “ The leader of Al Wafd party , I can’t believe that this man is chosen in the assembly !!”
  12. Lt. General Mamdouh Shahin “ The minister of defense assistant for legal affairs and member of SCAF, he represents the army in the assembly”
  13. Former Police General Emad Hussein “ Former head of police academy , he represents Police in the assembly”
  14. Judge Nabil Marhim “ Christian and a member of the General Congregation council following the Coptic Orthodox Church, he represents the Church in the assembly”
  15. Lawyer Sameh Ashour “ The head of bar association and former leader of Nasserite party”
  16. Journalist Mamdouh El Wali “ The head of journalists’ syndication”
  17. Dr. Moatez Abdel Fatah “ Political sciences professor and former member of advisory council , former PM’s advisor and current TV host”
  18. Ashraf Abdel Ghafour “ The head of actors’ syndication”
  19. Abbdel Aziz Abdel Shafi aka Zizo “ The veteran Ahly SC footballer and former coach”
  20. Ahmed El Siyad El Nagar “ The famous economic expert and researcher”
  21. Student Ayman Fouad El Marakabi “ A representative of Egyptian universities , a freshman in the faculty of dentistry , university of Mansoura , it is believed that he is related to general secretary of FJP in Damietta !!! ”
  22. Dr. Rafik Habib “A protestant Christian nationalist thinker and writer , he is the deputy chairman of Freedom and Justice party , his friendship to MB goes back to many years even in time of Mubarak”
  23. Atef El Banna “ The famous constitutional law expert and professor in Cairo university as well the member of the constitutional amendments in 2011”
  24. Dr. Mohamed Abu Ghar “ The leader of the Egyptian social democratic party , a physician and University professor who were among the founders of the 9th March movement that calls for the universities’ independence from the State”
  25. Businessman Ibrahim El Arabi “ Businessman , industrialist and heir of El Arabi industrialist commercial empire. He heads Cairo chamber of commerce”
  26. Fatima Mahmoud Abu Ziad “ The daughter of Mahmoud Abu El Ziad , the MB’s guidance office member , she is a graduate of the faculty of economy and political sciences , CU”
  27. Abdel Ghaffar Shukr “ The veteran leftist leading member in the Socialist Popular alliance Party , the Party has announced its refusal for the constituent assembly.
  28. Dr. Mona Makram Ebeid “ The famous liberal politician and former parliamentarian that descends from famous Christian political family is a political sciences professor in American university in Cairo.”
  29. Magdy Shenouda “ The lawyer of late Pope Shenouda III”
  30. Dr. Osama Ibrahim “ The head of University of Alexandria , A professor in the faculty of medicine and a member in the Muslim brotherhood”
  31. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed El Sherif “ The head of University of Minya and a member of Muslim brotherhood”
  32. Judge Ali Awad Saleh “ The deputy chairman of the supreme constitutional court”
  33. Dr. Gamal Nawara “ A professor in the faculty of engineering in the university of Zagzig”
  34. Dr.Sherif Abdel Azim “ A doctor and founder of famous Rasala Charity foundation”
  35. Hassan Lashin “ The head of the Egyptians abroad fund in Saudi Arabia”
  36. Dr. Mobaad El Gerhai “ A professor in Islamic finance”
  37. Engineer Mohamed Khalosy “ The head of the Engineers syndicate in Cairo and a member of the Muslim brotherhood”
  38. Dr. Abdel Hady El Kasaby “ The head of Sufi orders in Egypt”
  39. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Gowad “ The head of the pharmacists’ syndication and a member in the Muslim Brotherhood”
  40. Dr. Abdel Rahman El Bar “ An Islamic scholar , professor in Al Azhar  and a member in the Muslim brotherhood”
  41. Dr. Maged Shabita “ The professor of constitutional law”
  42. Dr. Mostafa Kamel El Siyad “ A political sciences professor in the American university in Cairo as well a member in the Socialist Popular alliance party”
  43. Abdel Fatah Khatab “ A representative of the general union of Egypt’s labors unions”
  44. Abdullah Kandeel “ A representative of the general Egyptian chambers of commerce”
  45. Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa “ A representative of the State council”
  46. Dr. Mohamed Yosri Ibrahim “ A Salafist Islamist scholar and preacher who lost the parliamentary elections in front of MP Mostafa Al Nagr in Nasr City area”
  47. Dr. Bassam Matawlly “I do not know who is he , he is being introduced as a prominent figure in the society !!!”
  48. Ayman Ali “I do not know who is he , he is being introduced as a prominent figure in the society !!!”
  49. Mohamed Saad Abdel Karim Gawish “ Representative of youth , what youth , do not even ask !! ”
  50. Nader Bakar “ Al Nour party spokesperson”
So 75% of the constituent assembly is controlled by the Muslim brotherhood and their Party. You will be surprised to know that not only the liberals are angry from the MB’s control but also the Salafists are angry from that control as well.
There are 6 women in the assembly and 5 Christians only.


  1. 37. Eng. Mohamed Khalosy is the head of the general engineers syndicate not the Cairo syndicate. They are both in Cairo though. Also, his name is Mohamed Maged Khlosy. I wrote his full name because he is known simply as Maged Khalosy not Mohamed Khalosy, kinda like Field Marshal (Mohamed) Hussein Tantawy.

  2. - Ayman Fouad El Marakabi is not related to morsi, this is a spread rumor. (

    - Salafists are not angry, this is just your perception.

    - As you wrote, you have criticism points for ONLY 5 members (public figures who are not public for you).

  3. I won't judge until I get to read the constitution, but some are not so hopeful about MB dominance in Egypt:

    "The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood document is an important message for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, who are walking in the same footsteps as the Mubarak regime by excluding parties and monopolizing everything. Even if they came to power via the ballot box, the issue here is building a homeland, rather than exploiting the moment. Homelands are not built by exploiting moments; this only leads to conflict. As for building the state and drafting the constitution, this is not a battle but rather a vision for the future, as constitutions are written with the future in mind, not the past." What the Brotherhood did in Syria,


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