Thursday, March 15, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : One Year later

And one year later has passed so quickly in Syria since the start of the amazing protests that evolved in to an uprising that is evolving in to a revolution.
One year and I thank God that I have been there documenting in Cairo what was taking place.
Unfortunately Syria turned to be more complicated than any other country in the region and this is because of the importance of Syria. One year has passed and I have learned by heart the names of towns and cities in Syria , one year has passed and the flame of the revolution moved from the city of Daraa to Hama to Idlib to Reef Dimshaq and to Homs  the great Homs. Over 8,000 have been reportedly killed , over hundreds of thousands were injured and thousands are missing either detained or killed in one year. Thousands of Syrians  fled their homes heading to neighbor countries as refugees whether in Jordan or Lebanon or in Egypt.
In One year a revolution in Syria turned in to a cold game between international and regional powers where the players do not care or give a damn for all those people getting killed or the fact that the country is on a verge of civil war.
I do not know what to say except that I do not shocked anymore from the scenes of blood and disfigured human bodies because of El Assad regime’s brutality. I feel that I am not shocked anymore as a human and I know it is bad.
Anyhow Cairo celebrated the Syrian revolution in its own way , its own elegant way with a special cultural evening at the Cairo Opera house’s summer theater where Egyptian and Syrian artists lined up to celebrate one year of Syrian revolution.
I do not know how to celebrate something when blood is still warm in the street but I know that hope is important in this struggle , if Syrians lose hope , they will lose their battle for free united Syria.
I will leave you with Hope by Malek Jandali of Homs.
Malek Jandali : Hope
Here is another amazing musical piece by Jandali dedicated to martyr Ibrahim Qashoush.”May Allah bless his soul” This small symphonic piece is inspired from Qashoush’s famous anthem “Come on, Bashar Leave”
Freedom Qashoush symphony
It is worth to mention that from several months ago Malek Jandali’s old parents were beaten by El Assad thugs because of their support to the revolution.
ISA next year United Syria will enjoy freedom and democracy where all citizens are equal and do not live in fear.


  1. Whats happened in Syria over the last year is unbelievable. The conquest of fear. There was always something special about Syria. It seemed to be the ultimate police state where noone was in doubt about the capacity of the Assad regime to terrorise its citizens.

    An Algerian who escaped the bloodbath in the nineties when people were sliced up by both Army & the Salafists was quoted as saying in Syria he learnt the fullest & truest meaning of fear. A kind of N.Korea of the mideast. It was always ripe for an explosion but equally it always seemed impossible.

    I wonder if Assad thinks about Rafic Harriri while he is listening to his I-tunes. He should do. The ghost of Harriri is watching over him.
    Maybe he will grant him forgiveness. Maybe not.


  3. Salam Z
    A must see:



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