Friday, April 27, 2012

#April20 protest in Video and Photos

I know this is late to share the videos and photos of #April 20 protest but I can’t share at least for my effort , God knows how much I spent from time trying to edit that video and post as soon as possible. Again it is never too late.
#April20 Protest in Tahrir square
Here is a video clip showing what I have seen at the #April20 Protest held at Tahrir square last April 20th , 2012.
I dedicate this clip to all those who claimed that the Islamists mostly from Hazem Abu Ismail supporters did not break the agreement of having united slogans and goals. I dedicate this clip to all those who said that some people including me were overreacting when it came to Islamist slogans and Islamist flags.
Islamist black flags 
Islamist black flags again 
The flag of Hazem Abu Ismail over the Egyptian flag 
The Islamist scholars poster were put by Islamists over the Syrian Tent 
One of Hazem Supporter's supproters 
Of course like in Every protest there are beautiful scenes.
The revolution continues 
The senator of Middle East for presidency 
The constitution is our last hope 
Praying time
Water seller and her daughter 
The square 
At the Revolutionary stage 
A lady wearing our Egyptian flag 
Today for the third week in row there is another protest organized by the Muslim brotherhood in Tahrir square where Hazem Abu Ismail’s campaign , Al Dao’a Al Salafiya and Al Gama’a Islamiya are participating yet most Non Islamist political powers and parties announced that they are not going to participate in this Friday’s demo because they do not know its goals. Well I do not know its goals either and I am not covering it already.

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  1. I hope people will understand by demonstrating with Salafist and co will NEVER give democraty, NEVER save the revolution, as they stole it from the beginning, playing on religion in very bad way, and lying. The revolution is dead because of them and people didn't understand what was going on.


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