Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#Free Gizawy : After the Protest and Saudi Statement !!

Today Giza street witnessed a medium size protest that included hundreds who came to object the detention of Ahmed El Gizawy in Saudi Arabia as well the detention of other Egyptians in the Kingdom.
The Protest today "Getty" 
Today’s protest included members of April 6th Youth movement , anarchists and Revolutionary socialists as well some Salafists. Well of course today our protesters did not only protest peacefully at the Saudi embassy but they have left their remark with insulting graffiti all over the walls of the embassy targeting the Saudi king and Royal Family. I do not like how they draw the Star of David on the walls of the embassy.
The graffiti on the Saudi embassy's wall "Getty" 
By the way this is the 46th protest in front of the Saudi embassy related to the case of Egyptian detainees who have not stood till this moment in front of a court.
At the same time the protesters chanted against KSA and its King , a number of MPs and politicians including MP Mostafa Al Naggar , MP Amr El Shobky and former presidential candidate Ayman Nour met with the Saudi Ambassador Ahmed El Katan.
Of course it is worth to mention that Amr Moussa spoke with Saudi FM Soud ElFaisal regarding the case. Potential presidential candidate El Awa said that he was ready to defend El Gizawy as long as it is not a criminal charge !!!
Saudi Embassy's statement
Anyhow this afternoon the Saudi Embassy in Cairo issued a statement that was confirmed by the Egyptian embassy in Jeddah and according to it Gizawy is arrested for smuggling 21,380 Xanax pills to the Kingdom denying all what was claimed about his arrest for royal insult !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21,380 pills !?
Ahmed Gizawy is a human rights lawyer and his wife , also a lawyer who was arrested with her baby girl during the Israeli embassy’s clashes and I remember the big campaign launched for her immediate release !!!!!!!!!!!!
Now there are certain questions in mind after this statement :
  • Where is Mrs. Gizawy from all this ? I understand that she was not detained.
  • Why did not the Saudi authorities announce the arrest of Gizawy for drug trafficking from a week ago ?
  • How could Gizawy smuggle all those pills with him ?
  • Why did the Saudi ambassador wait all that time and gave leaks yesterday that the King will pardon Gizawy ?
  • How did he go unnoticed in Cairo airport if he was carrying all those pills with him ?
  • Why did the Egyptian consul called Mrs. Gizawy tomorrow and told her that he will be released shortly !?
  • Why was Mr. Gizawy arrested before his bags were searched according to his wife who tonight with Amr Adeeb on Al Youm channel ?
Young Egyptians on social networks do not buy the Saudi statement as it reminded them with case of Khaled Said and how the ministry of interior in Egypt fabricated the drug story for him
Ambassador Ahmed Abdel Aziz Kattan surely is the second unluckiest Saudi ambassador to serve in Egypt after the Saudi Ambassador during the Nasserite era , since his appointment in Cairo and the man is facing hell from Post Revolution Egypt. I think the Saudi regime should understand that things have changed for real in Egypt.
According to the new charge Gizawy is facing now , we are speaking about a penalty that can reach to death according to Saudi Arabia’s entry card !!


  1. This is good! I wish there were more protest against Saudi Arabia, all the crap they are trying to pull with their money is unbelievable.

    Protests is the only way, the Egyptian politicians can't do much as they can be easily extorted e.g. by cutting the tourist flow...

  2. Ha! There you go again. Egyptians abuse Umrah to do some drug smuggling !!!

    How did he go unnoticed in Cairo airport if he was carrying all those pills with him ?

    You obviously never travel through Cairo Airport. Otherwise you would know that controls there are highly unprofessional and that is why passengers arriving from Cairo are receiving special treatment wherever they arrive - and so Ahmed was caught.


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