Monday, June 4, 2012

And Mubarak’s Face appears in Madonna Concert !!

Pay attention and look who will appear among the pictures in Madonna’s song “Nobody knows me”  in her concert in Tel Aviv , yes our former / ousted president/ prisoner Hosni Mubarak appears in a Madge concert !!

Madonna : Nobody knows me

It was the interlude of her concert there.

The French right wing supporters of Marine Le Pen are angry because the clip featured their leader with a swastika .  I bet Mubarak’s orphans will be angry too and will speak on how Jewish Madonna attacks their daddy despite all the Israeli officials are sad for his departure and praying for Shafk to win in the elections.

Madonna will sing in Abu Dhabi , I wonder if Mubarak’s face will appear there knowing how much the authorities love him in UAE !!


  1. "Please keep it civilized here , I will not tolerate any insult in my blog or any racist or hateful comment" so why this "Jewish Madonna" dig? She is not really Jewish, she called her daughter "LOurdes" and she also had a picture of Hitler in her show.

  2. thanks for sharing.


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