Wednesday, July 4, 2012

After 8 years Al Jazeera asks what killed Arafat !?

And amazingly Al Jazeera international made us forget for couple of hours our internal issues in Egypt and made us ask on twitter What killed Arafat after nearly 8 years of his death.
The channel presented an investigative documentary that says the late Palestinian iconic leader and president Yasser Arafat was poisoned by Polonium based on tests for his clothes as well medical records and testimonies.Here is part of the documentary.

The documentary is produced and presented by Clayton Swisher “@Clayswisher” and Nagi Tamimi “@Nagitamimi”. This documentary by the way reminded me with Yosri Fouda’s old Al Jazeera Arabic investigative documentaries.
 Arafat's famous Keffiyeh "Al Jazeera PR"
It is not the first time that Al Jazeera opens a huge discussion about the death of Arafat and the theories surrounding it. In 2009 Farouk El Kaddoumi accused Abu Mazon and Dahlan of standing behind the leader of PLO and Fatah’s death along with the CIA and Mossad in an exclusive interview with Al Aljazeera Arabic. Strangely we hear nothing from El Kaddoumi now !!
Living in the Arab world and Egypt , I had my share of these theories for years and I will not be surprised at all to find out that he was assassinated , Fatah bastards like Dahlan can not be trusted.
Now Suha Arafat has demanded Fatah’s government to exhume the body of her late husband in order to know what killed him , it is up to Abu Mazan and his gang to do whatever they want in front of the World’s eyes. Of course Suha was the drama queen in the documentary. Already I wonder why she kept the clothes of Arafat in that handbag like that unclean for nearly 8 years !!?
Here is Suha’s interview with Al Jazeera International in English.
I wonder if this documentary will open a big discussion in Cairo with all the stuff we have got now. The Arabic X-File is open once again.
P.S I love how the intelligence made the doctors of Arafat keep their mouths shut !!


  1. Yasser Arafat died of AIDS.

  2. "While Arafat did have a regular security detail, many of those thought to be security personnel - the teenage boys - were actually there for other purposes." according to Arutz Sheva, quoting World Net Daily.

    1. Arutz Sheva, the ultra-Zionist news agency? Not exactly a reliable source

  3. Arafat died in a French military hospital and the French know very well what caused his death. They did not publish it because Suha opposed it (she knew the truth would hurt her husbnd's image).

  4. I'm a bit weary about the science behind this work to be honest Zeinobia.

    From a science point of view, Polonium has a half-life 138.4 days. That means it decays to half the amount present in the beginning in about 1/3 of a year (or slightly more).

    Now Arafat has been dead for over eight years, we are talking more than 2,900 days. I doubt there'd be evidence of Polonium after all this time.

    I personally wouldn't be surprised if he was assassinated, it makes sense to all the sides involved, but I'm just arguing the scientific logic here. I could be mistaken...

    - @MohammedY

  5. And if the DGSE could have stuck anything to the CIA or to Dahlan, they would have done it (whatever Suha's wishes were). Raison d'Etat and all, you know, especially at a time when French and US services were not particularly in friendly terms, to say the least...

  6. >> I'm a bit weary about the science behind this work

    Yes, the amount of Polonium would be reduced by a factor of 2 millions. 2900 days is 21 half lives of Polonium-210, 2^21 = 2097152.

    Maybe the slightly increased amount of Polonium is the effect of radioactive pollution, caused by Israel's nuclear program. They should have used dirty underwear from elderly men from Ramallah as the reference, instead of underwear from Swiss men.


    1. Anon-2 Says;
      The issue of radioactivity of Polonium210 being totally decayed after 21 half lives is correct. That however, doesn't mean current analysis is irrelevant, Polonium-210 decays to Lead-206, and chemical analysis can confirm its presence in his body traces.

    2. Sorry? Wouldn't the Israeli population be the first to be affected?
      And how come the French doctors who treated him in their hospital saw nothing and were not affected?

  7. In terms of forensic science this is ofcourse bullshit. Nobody can find anything 8 years after Araft's death, especially when the clothes were held in an unknown location (contaminated with whatever you can think of).

    The real interesting question is - who will benefit now from raising this issue? This is probably due to some power struggle in the Palestinian government where Al-Jazeera supports one of the sides.


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