Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colombians in UAE Army After Pakistani in Bahraini security forces !!

Ok this is not to be found in Emirati media or even in Arabic press

UAE has enlisted 3000 retired Colombian Solider and officer in its armed forces !!?

What kind of national army is that when you import foreign officers and soldiers abroad ?? I do not understand what kind of expertise we are speaking about it here !! They are mercenaries. The question in my mind now is who these mercenaries are going to fight in the region ?? Iran or Syria ?? Or what !!?

You can read more about it in “Spanish”. You can read more about The military forces of Colombia and UAE’s Union Defense force.

I do not know if the Latino soldiers are the new black in the Gulf after enlisting Pakistani in the Bahraini security forces !!!


  1. nterold story in some ways
    there had been an american congressional hearing sometime ago re.: black hawk operations in UAE enlisting 800 contractors to fend off external and internal and external strife. at the time an argument was made that these recruits won't be conflicted when dealing with Arab/muslims etc..
    and so on.
    this should not come as a surpeise, if you spent any time in the UAE you will find out that a large number of serving police and army are foriegn.

    1. all police officers are UAE Nationals but some of them have Asian mothers. as for military, they use several nationalities as experts mainly for training including Egyptians.

    2. i respectfully disagree, serving police recruits are Yemeni, Syrian, Sudanese and others
      as for the army they also have a number of arab nationalities serving in the army and not experts.

  2. In the UAE you will find that anyone who does any kind of work is foreign. Why should soldiering be any different?

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    Nationality doesn't matter as long as they have one goal then be it. Unity is important for success.

  5. The Gulf states including Kuwait are lazy fat cats with lots of money and import anything they cannot do themselves which is everything.

  6. Colombia is a human rights nightmare, and its army, trained and funded by the United States, is a major contributor to the problem. It is a disturbing development that these elements are introduced into the region. One can be certain that the primary purpose is supporting U.S. hegemony in the region. For more information, visit School of the Americas Watch.

  7. why not? the french foreign legion exists since a long time already... for example..

  8. i think in egyptian arabic this is called "be folousi ya kelab".

  9. I am Egyptian living in the UAE as an expat. I'd like to clarify a point to the poster who said that UAE government recruits Sudanese, Yemenis and Syrians into their Police force: your knowledge about the UAE is 15 years outdated. While it is true that 85 percent of the civilian population consists of foreign labour, however the police force has been completely nationalized and the Sudanese and Syrians have been sent to retirement long ago. By law all police officers must now be UAE nationals, although a lot of them do have Asian or Egyptian/Syrian/Moroccan mothers.

  10. my name is Manuel Teodoro--i am a colombian journalist and direct a nationally broadcast investigative tv news magazine on the caracol tv network. i am looking for information on colombians living in egypt. soldiers or civilians. mainly--i am looking for real life human interest stories.
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  11. Do you think UAE sent them to kill people in Rabae - Egypt ?


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