Thursday, July 12, 2012

And Morsi is in Saudi Arabia

and President Mohamed Morsi has started his first regional visit after swearing in to office , destination is Jeddah and his counterpart is King Abdullah. The visit comes in a very critical time as I explained before and honestly I do not find any use from it except breaking the ice between the MB and the Saudi regime.
Anyhow here is a photo gallery showing the reception Morsi got in Jeddah airport where he was received by the crown prince and the King himself.

Morsi in Saudi Arabia
This is the first visit to a foreign country by the first elected president of Egypt. It should be documented regardless what.
Of course Morsi can win a lot of sympathy among revolutionaries if he returns back with Al Gizawy , the Egyptian lawyer detained in Saudi Arabia. Al Gizawy is a human rights lawyer who is being accused of smuggling drugs to the kingdom from two months ago. His case caused a diplomatic crisis between Cairo and Riyadh when protesters drew insulting graffiti against the king on the wall of the Saudi embassy in Giza.
President Morsi already lost a lot of support and sympathy tonight in Cairo after the statement issued earlier from presidency that he will respect the Supreme constitutional court’s latest ruling that suspended his decision earlier to reinstate the parliament.
Updated :
The president praying at the Holy Kaaba 
President Morsi went to Mecca to have a Umrah along with his wife. The Saudi TV aired the whole thing on air. In a big convey of 30 vehicles carrying our diplomatic signs , the president went to the Holy land late night.
By the way is that Mourad Mowafi , the head of GIS on Morsi's left hand praying in Mecca ??
On the other hand Al Gizawy will not return with Morsi on the same jet as the Egyptian consul announced that his trial will start next Wednesday.

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  1. Where are you Nasser.!!. Egypt needs you badly right now. With all your sins and narrow views of impacts of foreign politics, your assessment of Saudi Arabia was on the money.RIP.
    Ironically current MB leaders views (including Morsi's)are on the money too (Saudi money this time).
    BTW; my father mentioned to me once (close to 10years ago),during the sixties in Egypt he saw one of the Saudi princes, at the time, sitting at a grand table in the Salt &Pepper Restaurant on the Nile, with close to 10 guests with at least 10 bottels of Whisky on the table, and money being inserted by his bodies into Belly Dancers underwares.. You make up your assessment of what it means. I don't care who drinks what, or dresses in what . Only the deseaes Saudi money infect Egypt with bothers me.


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