Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Morsi appoints Hisham Kandeel as PM

President Mohamed Morsi has appointed Hisham Kandeel ,the minister of irrigation in the cabinets of Sharaf and Ganzoury as Prime minister today. Kandeel is going to meet Morsi shortly to discuss the negotiations about the new cabinet which he should form it in a week according to news sources.

Kandeel is the Youngest Prime minister in the history of Modern Egypt and he is also the first Islamist to hold this". He was graduated from faculty of engineering , Cairo University in1984. He got his A Masters degree and PhD in irrigation and sewage systems from North Carolina Universty and university of Utah.

In previous interview Kandeel stated that he wasn't a member of MB but sources say that he is close to them.
More to come and actually despite this may send a message that Morsi cares about water problem , his choice will make many angry as Kandeel is unknown and technocrat PM.
The decision is creating a huge controversy and division between those who are welcoming Kandil and those are against him.


  1. For Gods sake why are Egyptians so negative!!!

    Give the guy a chance! 60 years of total mess and corruption and for once you have a door opened to get out of it. Why you all love drama so much and fighting so much. Time to get positive and get behind the guy instead of always whining!

  2. This is good, a technocrat PM is necessary especially one who did not have any strong connections to the NDP. Atleast he doesn;t have any major political ambitions, plus he has a decent CV.


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