Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We should not be worried that their children are ready

Do you remember that ad that our media consider it insulting our new elected president ?? Yes that ad which says that the Israeli or rather the Jewish children are ready to build the temple !? Well according to Israeli ministry of foreign affairs it was not aired in Israel at all.
According to an official statement sent to the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs by its Israeli counter that ad was produced by NGO for the internet only and that’s why it is in English and not in Hebrew !! The Egyptian ministry of foreign objected already about this ad and its insult to our head of state.
Anyhow the first son of Egypt unleashed a huge attack on Israel and Jews defending his father as well Islam following this ad on Facebook last week. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Morsi , the eldest son of our president who works as a physician in one of the hospitals in Saudi Arabia wrote a status on his Facebook account
To those behind the Israeli Zionist insulting ad to Dr. Mohamed Morsi , we the Free Egyptians will support the resistance powers in Palestine through praying , donation and boycotting.
And the age of dependency is over , we do not have nothing to you except the shoe
And it goes on like this.
After few hours we found his FB account was closed then it was opened with no trace to that angry status. Now Dr. Ahmed is claiming that Facebook administration has suspended his account because of his status which it removed.
Of course as a first son , I think he should be careful now on every word he writes and how to choose your words carefully.
Nevertheless Yair Netanyahu , Bibi’s son also used to post anti-Islamic and anti-Arab post in his FB profile.
Now I do not know what Dr. Ahmed will say when he sees that his father sent a complimentary letter to Shimon Perez , the Israeli president who sent earlier Ramadan complimentary letter .

Zoom in to read the letter
Freedom and Justice Party is claiming that that this is a fake letter where as Barak Ravid , the diplomatic reporter in Haartez showed the cover letter of the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv that came with the presidential letter. The presidential letter was actually a Fax sent to our embassy in Tel Aviv.
Well regardless of what you think these are protocols procedures and as long as you have official relations with Israel you should stick. Protocols and corresponding letters got rules as old as God knows what , you can not ignore them.
Zoom in to read cover letter
Of course the nationalists will not like it , the Islamists will be shocked and the liberals who consider this letter as example for the double standards of MB that have been using the Palestinian cause “in their point of view in order to win the public”
Update : 
The Egyptian presidency official spokesperson Yasser Ali denies that President Morsi sent anything !! Unfortunately the letter of Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv is officially stamped !!


  1. Zeinobia, I would normally be more inclined to believe Haaretz than the Freedom and Justice Party, but not in this case. The letter and cover sheet allegedly from Morsy are awkwardly worded and full of typos. If Morsy's office really is responsible for those documents, it reflects very badly on his competence. I don't believe the Egyptian government wrote them. They are probably a hoax by someone who doesn't know English very well.

  2. This is completely illogical!

    There is a radical right wing organization in Israel, that wants to destroy the Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount, and rebuild the Jewish temple there instead. They are despicable, they act like European colonialists, or like the Islamists in Timbuktu.

    However this organization is not part of the Israeli state, nor has Mr. Peres endorsed this organization. Instead Mr. Peres has sent congratulations to Mr. Morsi for the beginning of Ramadan. And quite naturally Mr. Morsi has replied with a "thank you" letter.

    What should have been the reaction of the Egyptian public?

    They should have noted that Mr. Peres has good manners. The public could have also noted that Mr. Morsi's reply is somewhat uninspired. He could have at least mentioned a life in dignity for the Palestinians.

    However the public outcry about Mr. Morsi's reply is absurd and idiotic. Egyptians should instead be angry that the Rafah crossing is still not completely open.



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