Monday, August 27, 2012

Meet Morsi’s presidential team

The presidential team has been announced today by Yasser Ali , the Presidency's spokesperson. It includes 4 assistants and 17 consultants.

4 assistants:

  • Samir Marcus : The president's assistant for the democratic transition. A Christian thinker and writer. Highly respected man in Egypt.
  • Emad Abdel Ghafur : The president's assistant for the social communication "Do not even ask me what the hell this means!!". He is the leader of Al Nour Salafist party.
  • Pakinam El Sharkawy : The president's assistant for political issues. A political sciences professor in Cairo university who is allegedly close to the Muslim brotherhood.
  • Essam Ahmed El Hadad : The president's assistant for the foreign affairs and international cooperation. A MB guidance office senior member and a physician , interestingly enough he was accused in the international organization of Muslim brotherhood case in time of Mubarak. He is currently responsible for the international MB branch. He comes from a MB family in Alexandria. He was the manager of Morsi's campaign and the head of the foreign relations in Freedom and justice party. Morsi wanted to appoint him as the head of presidential staff but
From the 4 , I will choose Samir Marcus. Now we got one Christian , one Salafist , one woman and one MB. Of course in another reading I will say we got one independent Christian thinker and 3 Islamists in the President's assistants.
The assistants will have official offices in the Presidential palace. No word if Abdel Ghafur and El Hadad will keep their partisan positions.

17 consultants :

Now the consultants council is not part of the presidential team according to Ayman El Sayyad , it is made of consultants who got only a consulting role.

  • Ayman El Sayyad : A Pro-revolutionary journalist and a dear sir. The editor in chief of Waghat Nazar magazine that is considered one of the most important cultural and political magazines in the Arab world. A veteran who worked in several regional publication as well a consultant to several media forums in the Middle East. Politically some classify him as liberal , others as nationalist while I know people who classify him as a leftist.I think a social democrat nationalist can be the best to describe the man with moderate views. He is from the true reasonable voices in Egypt.
  • Sakina Fouad : The famous novelist and writer with strong views against corruption and dictatorship. Despite Fouad is known for her nationalist views , she was among the co-founding members of liberal Democratic Front Party. "I think she is its vice-chairman now." I love her. Arabic Wikipedia Link.
  • Farouk Goweida : The famous poet and writer was a candidate for the minister of culture position for a long time. Goweida used to criticize Mubarak's regime and its corruption in his quiet calm smooth way where he raised important issues about culture, Sinai and Wheat.
  • Essam Al Arian : Do I need to speak about the loudmouth smiling provoking leading member of the Muslim brotherhood and current acting leading of Freedom and Justice Party Essam Al Arian ??
  • Rafik Habib : A Christian protestant writer and activist who is too close to the MB and Islamists , he is the vice-chairman of Freedom and Justice Party. He is not popular among Christians at all as he is regarded as biased to the MB.
  • Mohamed Salim El Awa : The famous Islamist lawyer and thinker as well former presidential candidate known from his controversial statements about arms in churches in time of Mubarak and the army during SCAF role where he was regarded a Pro-SCAF man. He is close to the Muslim brotherhood as his dad is from the founders of the brotherhood and his
  • Amr El Lithy : A TV host who used to be member of the NDP media committee according to some journalists. Interestingly enough he was the first to host Khairat El Shater on TV. He is the son of famous TV producer Mamdouh El Lithy and the nephew of 1960s film producer Gamal El Lithy. I do not understand why he would be chosen in the first place. Journalists are angry and they have to. El Lithy used to publish and head a tabloid called Thursday.
  • Seif El Din Abdel Fatah : A political sciences professor with Islamist views who used to be the political advisor of former Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh.
  • Dr. Omamia Kamel : This women is a member in too things , she is a member in the constituent assembly as well Freedom and Justice as well MB. The Physician and mother  was also a former MP in the People assembly and was the Women's affairs spokesperson in Morsi's presidential campaign. She is married to Khaled Hanafi, a leading member of the MB too. "Actually MB women leading members are married to MB men"  Here is her FB page.
  • Dr. Mohi Hamed : A MB member , a member in the Guidance office of the MB to be accurate. A physician from Sharkia . Here is an interesting quote for the senior member in some Iranian website about the US and the West.
  • Emad Hussein Hassan Abdullah : The only name that pops in the Google search when I am trying to find any info about him is Police General Hussein Hassan Abdullah. Born in 1952 , Abdullah was a former assistant for the minister of interior and the head of police academy.
  • Hussein El Kazaz : Another MB man in the council. He is an economic consultant for the Muslim brotherhood. He is a businessman who owns SKOPOS council.  His name is listed from the substitutes in the constituent assembly.
  • Dr. Khalid Alam El Din : A member of Al Nour party who was nominated to become the minister of environment but did not get the post , the thing that made Al Nour party extremely angry from MB and Morsi.
  • Ahmed Mohamed Omran : I could not find much about him despite some claim that he is a Salafist from Hazamoon Group " Member of Hazem Abu Ismail supporters group !!". According to this link sent to me through twitter , he is a professor of computers in university of Fayoum.
  • Mohamed Esamt Seif El Dowala : An Arab nationalist Islamist writer and activist, the son of the famous socialist activist Seif El Dowala and the brother of famous human rights Aida Seif El Dowala. Here is a part of his interview last year during the cabinet HQ's clashes on Salafist Al Nas channel where he speaks about the protests.
  • Bassam Razaqa : A member in Al Nour party high committee. He was also a member in the constituent assembly and former MP in the last people's assembly.
  • Ayman Ahmed Ali : We know nothing about so far except that he is a MB member and a physician !!
Our people , the true Pro-Egypt Revolutionary people are : Ayman Sayyad, Sakina Fouad and Samir Marcus.
There are 6 MB in total from that team despite the Guidance office of MB is considered a separate entity from the Freedom and Justice Party. It is more conservative if I may say and it got two members in the assistants team and the consultant council.
There are two Christians : Marcus and Habib. There are 3 women , 2 of them are from the Islamists. There are 4 Salafists as well.
The parties currently represented are Freedom and Justice Party , Al Nour Party and the Democratic Front.
There are no members from any other political party nor nor youth in that team. It is worth to mention that many public figures refused to join the consulting council like for instance dear Wael Khalil.
We need to know what these people are going to do and we need to know also their salaries because we are speaking about the right of tax payers in Egypt.

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