Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#Maspero : Cairo's Via Dolorosa a year later

Via Dolorosa is the way of pain in Christianity and I think for many Egyptian Christians , Via Dolorosa is the way from Shubra to Maspero on the black October 9,2011. Today is the very anniversary of the terrible Maspero massacre where 28 civilians were killed and not less than 212 were injured after clashes with military police forces. Those civilians were Christian citizens protesting peacefully at Maspero building.
The Name of Maspero's martyrs
Today activists and parties are reviving the bad memory by having a rally from Shubra to Maspero from 4 PM to 6 PM. Christian movements like Maspero Youth Union are organizing the rally. The Popular Current coalition as well the April 6th Youth movement and Constitution party are participating in the rally that will include many activists and prominent figures in Egypt. Mosireen will present a date show on the walls of Maspero like in the old good days where the famous Citizen journalism organization will present its documentary about Maspero Clashes. 

After one year of this horrible massacre that could have dragged Egypt in to a civil war , no one has really been punished. General Hamdy Badeen , the head of military police then whom men kissed his shoe on video in order he would not give his orders to his soldiers to attack the protesters , is currently our military attache in China. Osama Heikal , the former minister of information who is accused of incitement and spread lies from Egyptian TV is off the hook. News reader Rasha Magdy who called the "Egyptian people to help and aid the army against the Christian attackers" still appears on TV without even apologizing for her mistake. "She kept defending herself but did not bother to say I am sorry for what I said"
Only 3 soldiers that are regarded to be scapegoats were convicted of manslaughter and sentenced between 2 and 3 years only in Early September 2012 !!

Daniel wearing the crown
Of course I can not speak about Maspero Massacre without remembering activist Mina Daniel.
Mina became one of the most famous faces , most famous icons of revolution like Sheikh Emad Effat. In fact Daniel and Effat have become the proof on the Egyptian 25 January revolution unite Muslims and Christians. 

By the way one of the big questions that have not been answered regarding this massacre is who attack the rally in Shubra ?? Nobody even cared till this day to answer this question. Who attacked the first authorized rally and protest in Egypt in Shubra !?

This day brings too many memories to me including that I was going to pay a visit to friends in 25TV channel but as I stayed late in work and the clashes news I did not go. May be I was lucky otherwise I would have seen dead bodies in its building's entrance or even worse to witness the hysterical attack on 25TV on air studio !!

I forget to ask the generals in that SCAF presser after the massacre on why the military police stormed the TV channels.
By the way after one year of what happened on that black Sunday that I have to confess that despite many attack the position of late Pope Shenouda III after the attack describing it as hypocrisy , I respected his position not to escalate the matter otherwise it would turn in to a real civil war considering the amount of sectarian incitement then.

May Allah bless the soul of our martyrs.


  1. God bless the souls of our Martyrs ..Amen..
    شفته كإنه المسيح

    راجع بريح الثورة من تانى

    قلّب الام الثورة

    ضم الوشوش السمرا

    غنى الأغانى اللى وجعاهم

    و واجعانى

    قال اللى قال .. يا شهيد

    رد اللى قال يا بطل

    مينا دانيال .. مش بعيد

    وقلبه الطليق ما انقتل


    غمض عيونك و اسمع الدبات

    دايبة فى دبيب دبات قدمنا

    من دبابات إعدامنا أعلى

    و دمنا الأغلى

    مع أجسامنا بيصرخ فى عجلاتها

    شفته فى أم و بناتها

    شفته فى حفلات التأبين

    وفى قصيدة أمين

    و فى حشرجة صوت حازم

    و آية و سامية جاهين

    شفته فى ميدان م الجنة

    طار بالميدان ع الجنة

    فى ودانا هتافاته وغناه

    وصوت الرصاص

    وحلم القصاص

    لشهدا بيطيروا

    شفته سحابة حايمة على ماسبيرو

    باصص لكل الناس

    نظرة بطل و جريح

    مينا دانيال أهه

    مصلوب كإنه المسيح

    أحمد حداد

  2. If Egypt has '10 Ahmad Hadad's it should be considered a treasure of a nation on earth. Actually, Egypt experienced that kind of richness during the royalties between WWI & WWII when Egypt was considered a safe refuge and a pleasure of a place to be for multi- cultures and the mutual feelings between Muslims
    Christian Copts,Christian Greeks,Armenians, and yes Jews. Imagine Egypt with that kind of experience promoting Tourism and cultural experience of a country with richer history on earth.
    What a beutiful dream !!!!. Thank you Ahmad and God bless you.


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