Saturday, February 9, 2013

#Tanta : The latest protesting city in #Egypt

It started like any other Friday in Egypt , protests all over the country ended with violent clashes between the protesters and security forces. It is like routine, even the clashes at the presidential Palace in Heliopolis have become a usual thing with all that strange news of protesters who dare and decided to storm the fortress palace. 
From the clashes in Tanta City by Hamada Zaher
Still now every Friday there is a hot zone when it comes to protesting in the governorates , it is no longer Tahrir or Cairo as it seems the new wave , that new stage in the revolution began to expand in a way or another.  Yesterday , on Friday Gharbia governorate was the Protesting governorate of the week.
Huge clashes following massive protests in Tanta governorate erupted between protesters and security forces in Tanta city , Mahalla and Kafr El Zayat. The unrests in the governorate especially in the city of Tanta. I believe we should have expected as these protests take place after the death and funeral of late Popular current and constitution party activist Mohamed El Gundy. Mohamed El Gundy was from Tanta’s activists. He was reportedly missing last January 28,2013. He was found then after couple of days by accident in Helal Hospital. According to those who saw in the hospital, El Gundy had traces of torture over his body and his neck. The activists believe that after a verbal fight with security officer, El Gundy was abducted to a CSF camp where he was tortured till he fell into coma. That CSF camp is called “El Gabl El Ahmr” which means “The red camp” and we hearing horrifying stories from there in the past week.

El Gundy in hospital
Reuters reported that two security sources confirmed that El Gundy was tortured there before he was transferred to El Helal Hospital.After his death , Helal Hospital claimed that he was hit by a car and fell in to coma. This claim was spread by MB members and supporters accusing political powers and parties of using El Gundy’s death for their own political interests.
Following the spread of new reports by the MB supported, the official forensic authority revealed that it has not officially the final autopsy report about Mohamed. El Gundy’s parents believe that torture was the cause of death.
Mohamed El Gundy was from the lemon party that voted for Mohamed Morsi so Shafik would not win and we will have back the Mubarak regime.Here is Mohamed’s twitter account. It is heart breaking.
25 January 2013. I think the message has been received. Thanks
Just as Khaled Said became the icon of Alexandria , Mohamed El Gundy with his smiling face has become the icon of Tanta. Since his funeral last week in the city and the protests have not stopped by angry youth.
El Gundy and his smiling face
It is worth to mention that both Mahalla and Kafr el Zayat are from the biggest industrial cities in Egypt with long history of labor movement. The protesters are regular there but to be honest it is the first time I hear that there have been clashes and protests in Kafr El Zayat from long time unlike the revolting Mahalla.
The protests yesterday in Tanta are being described as the biggest from long time ago
The protest before it turned in to clashes by @M7M
Amazingly once again the TV cameras catch Police forces red handed using gunshots against the protesters faraway from the security directorates according to Tanta locals who saw the video.
 The security forces claim that it was defending the Security directorate from angry protesters that hurled Molotov cocktails against the building.
From Tanta City : Police using birdshots against protesters.
Police forces wear beige in the governorates outside Cairo. It is clearly that the police forces were standing besides armed men wearing civilian clothes. We do not need to guess who these people are.
Now question : why do not the security forces use water pipes in those cold days instead of shot guns like that !?
Anyhow it seems that Tanta will join Port Said and Alexandria soon when it comes to action.


  1. If an opposition molotov throwing thug was attacking me I'd quite like to have these guys handy to shoot them in the ass with birdshot! In fact if they were attacking me or my house and I had a birdshot rifle I'd shoot them myself!

  2. One question Zeinobia since you hate the police and MB so much.

    IF you were being raped by one of Mubaraks gang of thugs and the rapists were shoving a knife into your vagina.

    Would you or would you not blow their skulls apart with some birdshot?
    IF you did not carry a shotgun would you be hoping that those police with that gun were standing a few metres away and shoot the rapists for you?

    You see you can't pick and choose which thugs they shoot at. Thugs are thugs and molotov chuckers deserve everything they get coming to them. If I lived in a Cairo palace and there were hundreds of opposition thugs climbing my walls and throwing molotovs into my garden you can be damned sure I would be on my roof too with a shotgun aimed at them.

    1. Be you don't careful you don't fall off your roof while you are taking potshots at protesters. Or get dragged off it by ones who see you having fun up there.

    2. Dear Zeinobia I am disgusted by some of the comments... there are people who are trying to shock you... Besides, why Mubarak thugs? I don't remember public rapes during the old regime, does anyone?

  3. Hey give me a shotgun holding policeman aiming his gun at rioters throwing fire bombs at me every time.
    Hell !!!! I will even make them a cup of coffee after they have dealt with these out of control mindless hooligans running around like lunatics tearing down walls and burning buildings.

  4. Bravo Egyptian cops who are shooting birdshot into those rioters.
    Reminds me of Paris in 2005

  5. Nobody was shooting at rioters in Paris. Stick to facts

  6. Zeinobia will you be covering Hamada Saber again now that the truth of his story has been revealed?

    Apparently the bloggers and activists condemning the police have egg on their faces now.

    Hamada Saber was paid 3000le by the Al Wafd Party and the video was shot by Al Wafd and the radio reporters who eye witnessed the scene said he took his clothes off as he approached the police!!!
    He was not there with his wife and daughter shopping!! He is a Mubarak filool supporter and one of the hidden hands and was attacking the police according to the witnesses.
    He is the guy in the photo attacking the police car with the molotov and was outside the Mubarak trail every day supporting him.
    The TV Channel that showed the video surprise surprise!!! is Al Hayat owned by Al Wafd who paid him.
    I hope that every blogger who blamed the police and wrote pages of text supporting him will now do the decent thing and cover the real story now with the photos!!! the evidence!!!
    and learn a good lesson from this for the future.

    EVIDENCE!!! not rumor or what you think happened is the only thing that matters. That is what separates the educated from the ignorant and the Egyptians from the law abiding countries where judges judge on evidence and not hearsay and doctored videos!
    Shame on every single blogger and activist and NSF member who shamed themselves believing this bullshit story by the opposition!! shame on them. Here is Saber torching a police vehicle and outside the Mubarak trial! The poor painter was in fact a thug and liar and his daughter and wife are also thugs and liars!!! Morsi and the MB have been exonerated and I hope that the accusers feel shame in what they said about them all over the internet and they in future take every detail and examine it 100 times before judging.

  7. To all those who have commented above that are so obviously "for" killing fellow Egyptians .. why then is anyone angry that the police used force and live ammunition during the revolution to remove Mubarak, could it be that it was wrong then but right now?? If there was a proper government running the country correctly we wouldn't be where we are now.

    Oh and by the way ... if any of these wonderful, kind policemen were anywhere near a victim in the middle of a rape (I will not be as crude as the "person" who commented above) .. we can be sure that these days they WILL NOT do anything to help .. this is normal now in Egypt ... there philosophy seems to be "let the people be afraid, they might stop bothering us". Disgusting, and shame on those who support this blindly.


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