Thursday, February 7, 2013

#Tunisia : Protests , strikes and testimonies

First all I will start with this video from Nawaat. An interview with Nadia Dawood who is the eye witness of Chokri Belaid's assassination. Nadia Dawood , who is a journalist , is the neighbour of Mr. Belaid. She was in her balcony when the tragic murder happened. She lives in the fourth floor and she was the one who took that snap shot showing the ambulance in the crime scene.

Nadia Dawood speaks in both French and Arabic. From what I understood she is accusing both Belaid's driver and the building's guard of having some shady role in his assassination.Interestingly I read news reports claiming that the preliminary autopsy reports say that the gunshot calibers used in his murder are only used by the police force in Tunisia !!!!
 You must know Islamists in Tunisia believe that this testimony enforces the theory that Belaid was killed by his own team , the opposition. Seconds Tunisia is on fire for real. For the second day in rows protests continue in Tunis , the capital and several other cities including Gafsa.

The general Trade Union in Tunisia declared that tomorrow will be a general strike day all over the country. Friday is not a holiday like in Egypt. It is an escalation.
Now as police is police everywhere videos began to emerge from Tunisia showing on how the anti-riots forces in Tunisia disperse protesters and attack them in a brutal way yesterday day.

Of course they have not reached to the level of their Egyptian counterpart. Lucky for the Tunisians I guess.
Tomorrow will be tough day.
Today was the funeral of Belaid. It is hard to see his poor late daughter Fairoz carrying over his coffin.
Belaid's family over his coffin
Fairoz carrying her father's coffin
Trying to calm her down


  1. The first question every detective asks is "who benefits most from the killing?' There you will find the killer.

    Ennhada certainly are not ones to benefit. In fact they are in collapse more now after this so I doubt they were involved. The real killers want you all to think Enahda though.

    So who benefits?

    Well as we can see the only beneficiary I can see so far is Israel because as there is total chaos and internal collapse all around them the countries who were a threat to them and slowly being dismantled one by one. As General Wesley Clark stated on TV that the US plan was to collapse 7 regional countries in 5 years. When you enemy is weak then you become strong so it is in Israel interest to make her neighbours weak with or without US help HERE see for yourself his admiting to bring down Libya, Syria, etc
    Second the gunmen.
    The motorbike shooting had all the elements of MOSSAD assassinations. Copies of the ones of the Iranian professors in Iran.

    What calibre bullets would they choose? Well you can bet they wont use Israeli or US so they will use Tunisian or something they can easily attach and blame to Hezbullah or Egypt or whatever.

    If I was a detective my prime suspects right now would be Israel.

    They have the most to gain and have MOSSAD assassins who can carry it out and get away.

    Enahda for sure would not be my suspects because they have the most to lose after this.

    Your mind is being diverted away from the real culprits.

    1. "the only beneficiary I can see so far is Israel"

      Da Jooooooos! It was da Joooooos!


    2. Yes I agree


      They qualify on all elements in a murder investigation

      Arrest them all and throw them into Guantanamo and throw away the key and we will all finally have peace : )

    3. Did you watch the MOSSAD TERRORISTS and their bungled assassination of Khalid Meshaal documentary on Al Jazeera last week?

      Worth watching now that we are all awaiting the lab results on Yasser Arafat in a week or two

      You can watch both parts here in English from AJ

    4. Actually, the Arabs are capable of doing stupid things by themselves, they dont need the Israelis for that.

      The Israelis actually would benefit the most if the Arabs were smart, that is, if the Arabs would work together with the Israelis for the benefit of all inhabitants of the middle-east. What would happen if army/guns/ammunition budgets were cut in all countries in the middle-east and the money used for education and industry for all citizens? If we had free trade and commerce? It would be good for all.

      How much better would be the fate of the Palestinians if they did the smart thing in 1947 and accepted the UN proposal for 2 states (as the Jews smartly did).

      I know those things will never happen, cause the leaders in the Arab countries and Israel and Iran need each other as a fake enemy to control the masses and to continue to allocate huge sums of money to unneeded big armies.

  2. Ahavat Eretz Israel2/09/2013 02:20:00 PM

    Tunisia is a country which is a threat to Israel??? ROFLMAO!


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