Friday, March 8, 2013

#PortSaid : Before #9March

People are getting ready for the 9 March hold their breath for what is going to happen in Cairo and Port Said thanks to the Port Said
Sadly enough Port Said does not need to want for the big trial day because every night it has got clashes and injured. It became a routine.
In some kind of development the police has withdrawn from Port Said in what some believed to be a move to calm things down before the trial day. It was planned when you think about it especially when the police stations suddenly closed yesterday and the police asked for a truce. "I explain it later"
Egyptian armed forces have taken control of the security directorate. Already the army was in charge of protecting the governorate HQ , that is in the same block of the security directorate. There is no single police presence in the area.
The commander of the second army zone went there with army units and spoke with the people including the families of the martyrs who gave him a list with their demands. The commander asked the people to help the army in securing the building as well to clean around it !! People are indeed securing the building and are cleaning the streets around it from important evidence incriminating the ministry of interior !!

The army took down the flag of the ministry of interior from the security directorate building and people will hoist the Port Said flag. People are extremely happy and chanting the people and army are one hand.
The Port Said security directorate and army units "Bel Trew"
On the other hand the people of Port Said  had another mass funeral for two protesters killed in the clashes. One protester was killed last night and the other from three days ago. The first protester Amr Atout was shot by live ammunition yesterday in the clashes. The 33 years old newly wed young man died from 3 shots "in head,chest and leg". He was transferred to Ismailia hospital but died in the way if my information is correct. Atout left a baby girl and a young wife.
Late Karim by Haitham El Tabei
Ahmed Abdel Abdel Halim is another young who was killed from three days ago by live ammunition in the clashes. He was transferred to Sharkia hospital for treatment yet he passed away.
People are extremely , extremely angry.
Yesterday nearly 27 people were killed by live ammunition.
I do not know what will happen tonight or even what is going to happen tomorrow. Everybody fears from what is going tomorrow as this time it will not be a clash between police and the protesters this time but rather the protesters and the army. It is critical test. 
I know I am not doing a good job in covering what is happening in Port Said , I know this week I failed in covering what is happening in the country as it should but I am true exhausted. I feel sad about this

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