Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Sham Nassim 2013

Happy Sham Nassim and Happy Spring Day to all Egyptians and to all the people all over the world. And It will not be a true Sham Nassim without its national anthem.

Soad Hosny : It is spring time

Yes I do not even get bored from posting this every year.

Of course it is not that spring as the weather is extremely hot in Cairo and Giza  yet the capital and its twin city on the other bank of the Nile  are amazingly blessed with empty streets now. I believe that not less than thousands of families have left Cairo and Giza heading to resorts all over the country in this short vacation. It is a good thing now both cities are bless now.


  1. I saw zero beards and zero hijabs. The style of the (entirely western) indicates it was filmed in the mid 1970s. Most likely this was part of a propaganda effort intended to convince Jimmy Carter that Egypt was a civilized country, so that he would be amenable to an alliance which still plagues us all.

    Furthermore, this birth certificate proves the star was actually born in Kenya:

  2. It makes you wonder how would a salafi or an ikhwangee watching this video will feel.

    Sham el-nseem is the real Egyptian holiday and no one will be able to take it away from them just like the Mullahs in Iran have not been able to prevent the people of Iran from celebrating Naruz or the Persian new year


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