Saturday, June 29, 2013

#June30 : Hours before the Apocalypse

And it is just a matter of few hours and one of the longest days in Egypt in 2013 will start : June 30th. The awaited June 30 mass protests are forcing everybody to hold their breathe especially after yesterday’s unaccepted protests.

Today there are lots of developments like for instance the meeting of Morsi with the minister of defense and the head of intelligence , Obama’s statement about Egypt , Tamarod’s announcement, ElBaradei’s statement and Hamdeen’s statement.

There is nothing about that meeting of Morsi with El Sisi of defense or Shehata of GIS.

US president Obama expressed his concern for what is happening to Egypt. I know my country now is a headache for Washington !! The American president called both the Egyptian regime aka the Muslim brotherhood and the opposition to hold talks instead of clashes and violence today in his press conference in South Africa.

Update : President’s adviser and MB figure Ayman Ali says that Obama is free to say whatever he wants and the Egyptian Presidency is not obliged to listen to what he wants.

The US department of State issued a travel warning for Egypt.I believe it is normal thing especially after the murder of the US citizen Andrew Pochter in Alexandria’s clashes yesterday. The US marines have already been put on alert in  Southern Europe so what happened in Benghazi won’t happen again in Cairo

You must know that there are calls by Ultra Radical Pro-Nationalists/Military/Nasserists for protesters not only to protest but to storm the US embassy. Those calls results of the anti-American sentiments growing among the Non-Islamists because they believe that the Obama administration is biased to the MB. US ambassador Anne Paterson is so much hated and many Egyptians consider her the American version of Lord Cromer.

I believe the MB would love to protesters storm the US embassy this happen so their political opponents as well the Egyptian army lose all the cards with Washington.

The office of assistant to President of Egypt on foreign relations aka Essam El Haddad , the president’s aide for foreign relations issued a statement for foreign media.The statement is not good in these times. Praising the Raba’a Al Aadawaya protests and attacking the opposing protests. The opponent protesters will not come near Raba’a by the way.

Mohamed ElBradei , the leader of the Constitution Party and the leading figure of the NSF addressed the public in a video clip.

Mohamed ElBaradei addresses the public

Dr. ElBaradei has called the Egyptian people to join the protests of 30 June protests. He also called President Morsi to hold early presidential elections in order to continue on the democratic path.

Hamdeen Sabbahi who can be Egypt’s next President also addressed the public in a video clip.

Hamdeen Sabbahi addresses the Public

Hamdeen Sabbahi is saying that the June30 protests are a continuation to the 25 January revolution calling the people to stick to peacefulness and condemning the violence and the attack on members and properties of various political groups including the Muslim brotherhood. Sabbahi is speaking in a huge confidence that victory will be the ally of those against the MB.

Today Tamarod announced that it managed to collect 22 million signatures to withdraw the confidence from President Mohamed Morsi through the Supreme constitutional court. There is a debate about how correct or valid these numbers are. Already the political group announced that they have excluded the invalid signatures including the duplicates

There is another whole legal debate about whether the court will consider the petitions legal enough. This is something for the first time to happen in the history without legal basis.

“Tamarod” Campaign also called the Egyptians abroad to protest in front of the Egyptian embassies tomorrow worldwide. Already I know that there are Egyptians who will protest in front of the White House tomorrow.

Of course just from minutes ago the Muslim brotherhood has declared the general mobilization among its members. The last time the MB announced this mobilization , we had the massacre of presidential palace of December 5 where Egyptian civilians tortured and killed other Egyptian civilians.

The main gathering of the MB youth will be in Raba’a Al Adawaya and other places in Cairo unfortunately the FJP did not reveal on its official page. The Islamist parties alliance led by the Muslim brotherhood also issued a statement tonight.

Updated : Morsi held a meeting with the Islamist parties in Egypt from his allies. He urged them to restrain their members and to the end of that talk.

BY the way Salafist Al Nour Party and Al Watan Party its rival are not going to participate in the rallies or the protests.

On the other “Tamarod” Campaign announced that there will be protests in 26 governorates. It will be huge thing. It could be the biggest since 28 January , in fact it could be bigger than 28 January 2011 in some governorates. There will be 14 marches from all over Cairo heading to the Presidential Palace and 4 marches to Tahrir square.

Socially Egyptians are worried even if they do not show it. It is not a big secret that they are stockpiling food and water. Of course it is matter of days and we are going to have Ramadan so it is like double bill. You must know that not all the people are going to protest but rather are scared.

Some companies and shops are giving their employees vacation tomorrow , some of these companies and shops are actually urging their employees to go and to protest. For instance we got the famous Mohamed El Sagheer’s beauty salon and Design Emporium Egypt.

I do not know what will happen but one thing for sure if violence starts and does not stop then in couple of days we will have a new SCAF. Again we got different factions protesting against Morsi with different agendas and goals as well means to reach for their goals. If we are speaking logically the size of the protests can force the MB to present the concessions they refuse to present n order to save themselves. This is of course logic.

One thing for sure no one on earth or heaven even the Egyptian deep state would have imagine that Morsi’s first anniversary will turn to be like that.


  1. Our prayers in our family are with the Egyptian people. Much hope for a future for them.

  2. There is no reason for you to report on this event live, Zeinobia. Please stay home and update your blog from there. There will be plenty of on-the-scene coverage. What is needed is someone to gather and sort through the all of the 'live' reports and accurately provide an assessment of their validity and importance.

  3. Isn't Apocalypse a little strong of a word.

  4. Well Zeinobia, I knew from day one Morsi entered office it was going to be a fiasco. Morsi and co only have one goal and this goal has nothing to do with improving Egypt. So they have shown! Egypt already has a rotten legacy, she can't afford rottening it further!

    I am happy so many Egyptians see the same.

    No matter what will happen today, it is a turning point. And Morsi has a big role to play. Concession or out! Egypt is more than just MB.. Kefaya b2a.. Rabena yestorha 3ala baladna yarab



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