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The Aftermath of #July26 , Blood runs in #Egypt like River once again "Graphic"

Do you remember that when I told you that the Rabaa sit in will end in a disaster , well it did not end yesterday but what happened was a glimpse for what will happen if the parties involved in the talks do not reach to an agreement to stop the bloodshed. We are back on the big million man protests on Fridays and bloody clashes on Saturday.
Clashes erupted between the Muslim brotherhood supporters and security forces from police at Nasr road resulting in the death of less than 50 and the injury of hundreds. The ministry of health reported officially that 20 dead “from Morsi supporters” arrived to hospitals only. On the other hand the Rabaa field hospital reported that not less than 135 were killed. Eye witnesses from reporters in Rabaa say the numbers are definitely not 20.
The thing is the MB transferred their injured to Rabaa field hospitals and not to hospitals for fear to be arrested. Most of the injuries and fatalities are caused by live ammunition and birdshots. The fatalities are caused in shots in head and chest.
The ministry of interior told Samer Al Atrush that there are no fatalities among its security forces but there are injuries including two in critical conditions.
It is worth to mention that most of the injured and dead the MB supporters transferred to the Rabaa field hospital.
Here is a shocking photo gallery from amazing photographer Mosaab El Shamy for the latest clashes aka The unknown solider memorial massacre. The photos are graphic.

The situation is there not good by all measures. The hospitals in Nasr City are demanding blood donations while Rabaa field hospitals demand medical supplies.
The clashes erupted 100 meters away from Rabaa sit in , at the iconic unknown soldier memorial on Nasr road.This is where last President Sadat was killed by the way. This is the most bloodiest event witnessed in the same spot.
A true bloody place !! "David Degner"
According to eye witnesses the clashes started at about 2 am- 2.30 am. No one actually witnessed the start of the events for real. There are two versions of how the clashes started . Firs the Muslim brotherhood supporters tried to extend the sit in to Nasr Road “this would affect East Cairo” and the police said no, from there started the clashes.
Second the Muslim brotherhood supporters tried to block the October bridge and the security forces pushed them and clashes erupted.
The minister of interior stated in a press conference just said that the clashes started when the MB supporters tried to block October bridge and to set tires on fire the thing that would affect the bridge.
Interestingly long time Tahrir protester and once accused to be a black bloc movement founder Joe El Ostar went there and he got very interesting testimony He said that the Black Bloc boys whom he accused to be covert security agents where the ones who started the whole issue. Allegedly those boys dragged the MB supporters to the Nasr road where they started the clashes and then they moved to stand with the police. Joe is against the MB by the way.
He also took a screen shot for one of the Black Bloc groups in Egypt “Hooligans Battalion” on Facebook stating they were going to disperse Rabaa sit in. Interestingly the page does not exist anymore.

It is worth to mention that late last someone announced in Tahrir square’ s main stage that the Rabaa sit in was being dispersed by the civilians. People cheered in happiness.
Already the minister of interior Talaat Ibrahim announced last night as the residents of Rabaa began to fill complaints officially in order to disperse it legally. BY the way the emergency law is returning back in Egypt also according to military sources.
You must know that most non Islamist Egyptians do not feel any sympathy with the Muslim brotherhood as they believe that the MB is the one that started the attack and that they deserved to die. Most Non Islamist Egyptians also believe that foreign media only focus on MB victims and ignore the other victims.
For the past two weeks we have been hearing horrifying tales of torture and kidnap from Rabaa sit in not to mention the fact that there are some armed protesters in the sit in does not make so peacefully. The residents of Rabaa and Nasr City are fed up by the sit in and want the security forces whether police or the army or the devil itself to disperse the sit in by any cost.
I gathered the testimonies of those who have been there in a Storify report that I am still updating.

Mohamed ElBaradei has not tweeted yet. Well may be he is trying to justifying what happened defending the authorities to the world.
It is worth to mention that the clashes in Nasr City followed horrifying clashes in Alexandria between locals and Morsi supporters who kept fighting each other for nearly nine hours without intervention from the police or the army. Both parties involved in the fight were armed and both parties lost a lot of blood.
I do not know yet the final death toll in Alexandria but I know that my dear friend Ibrahim Gamal El Din has lost his uncle in the clashes. He accuses the MB of killing of his unarmed peaceful Non-MB non Mubarak supporter protesting Uncle. His uncle was shot in the back. I am going to do another post about Alexandria.
This is how the Civilian war looks like folks.


  1. Lot of the provacations are done by Mubarak era agents who want things to escalate. Its a shame to see Tahris people celebrating the death of Egyptians. Sooner or later they wont be laughing anymore.

  2. Frankly - I start believing they really want this. Sayyed Qutb taught them that death is a one time event in one's life, so one should make the best out of it and become a martyr.

    Why do they have such morbid fantasies? Don't they realize that promoting terrorism is always evil? Regardless whether peaceful or by means of violence. Now we learn that they rather bought weapons to arm their militias instead of importing wheat! How can they expect mercy?

  3. A dark time for egypt. Hysteria and insanity are taking hold. Were elections to be help (free and fair ones) there is little doubt that so called Islamists would win a majority. This coup was not about popular will and try as they might the "secular liberals" know this in their hearts. Blood is on their hands and mealy mouthed words from Baradai will not wash away his traitorous alliance with Sawiris

    1. I don't know what world you are living in. The only words of reason and fairness and courage are coming from ElBaradei,Hamzawy, Fouda and Basem, and all you are doing is throwing ridiculous accusations at the likes of them. El Baradei, thanks to the likes of you, has very limited influence on the decision making, and he has been objecting vehemently and consistently against the criminal killings of the MB supporters.

  4. That's what is expected when the so-called "Revolutionaries" and other Egyptians give El sisi a mandate to kill peaceful protesters!!!
    they r partners in crime and have no hearts or principles ,they r not even humans to see these all ppl killed and feel no shame!!
    EL sisi once said when he overthrew Morsi that he wants to stop bloodshed!! and since then the blood river in Egypt is flowing becoz of him,He is a fucking hypocrite and His end is soon InshaAllah
    All i can say is "7asby Allah w na3m el wakeel"

  5. Worst is to see the so called liberals saying all the anti coup protesters shot them selfs. They are only showing how retarded there replies are.


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