Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Have Been the Biggest Losers from Long Time

Yesterday Egypt lost in front of Ghana in the World Cup qualifiers and since then millions of Egypt are mourning the loss of the game in a great grief as if it were the end of the world with no regards to all the losses in all fields of life we shamefully produced in the past 31 years.
It is really ironic and quite sad to see people on TV and social media are extremely demanding enthusiastically the accountability of the Egyptian Football federation’s officials and the team more than the accountability of the Egyptian government officials responsible for setting back Egypt in every bloody field in life.
From Brazil's protests
As facts of life 40% of Egyptians live under the poverty line and 25% of the Egyptians can not read or write according to official numbers in 2012. Our basic education system is considered the worst worldwide according to the world competiveness report in 2013 !! We do not have real scientific research in Egypt , our universities hit rock bottom. We got an energy crisis . We got an unemployment crisis. We got traffic problem and housing problem aside from the shanty towns that can kill millions if we have another 1992 powerful earthquake in Cairo alone.
We live on loans from other countries. We are number no.1 in Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B is spread as well in Upper Egypt. There are hundreds of villages completely forgotten with no clean water access or electricity access in 2013.We got a Nile river crisis everybody forgets. We got a Constitution in making everybody is ignoring. We got laws against the right of protesting made and sent it to the interim president and everybody is ignoring it. Freedoms in Egypt are in real danger in Egypt and yet people care only for a football match score.
I am sorry dear follow Egyptians we have been the biggest losers from long time.
It is not a big secret that the football is one of types of the masses’ opium in Egypt , it is not a big secret and nobody can be denied that from time it is being employed in politics as usual since the days of Mubarak.
If you speak to the people , they will tell that the match and the hope to join the world cup was the only joy that brings hope in those hard times. What I see here that we have mastered the art of escaping from our problems hiding in trivia !! It is no longer passion about sports but a sign of failure.
Ironically and sadly we even ignore other sports that we do not spend on from our public budget lots and lots of money like football , we score good in those sports. Our Egyptian basketball has been qualified for the Basketball world cup in Spain but most Egyptians ignore.
God knows how this match was being employed politically by the Muslim brotherhood supporters  who did not hide how they supported Ghana “they travelled there and held the Raba’a signs” and their opponents from Pro-Military supporters who believe that the defeat was a world conspiracy implemented by the American Zionist spy Bradley who is cooperating with the Muslim brotherhood in order to make us lose the march.
Some of those people believe that Bradley is a spy that should be prosecuted and Mohamed Abu El Tarika brought with him some MB women who put some thing that drugged the players !!  Those some want Adly Mansour to issue presidential decrees arresting Abu El Tarika and all other traitors in the Football federation !!
For the record Abu El Tarika is the one who scored for Egypt in that silly match.
By the way some people including the lawyers syndication in Egypt “its head is a member in the Constitution committee” that is demanding the FIFA and CAF to cancel the match as well its result and have new one !!
There are even people “Ultra-Conspiracy theorists” like infamous Sameh Abu Al Rayas who believe that the Pro-Mubarak forces in Egypt saved the day and made Egypt lose in the match to save Egypt from an evil plan to use football match in order to reinstate El Sisy , the freemason as a president but Mubarak saved the day and scored in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Side note: Knowing how much hate and violence as well madness in Egypt now I am truly concerned about footballer Mohamed Abu Terika and his safety. I fear of some Andres Escobar scenario to be honest in Cairo especially Abu Terika reminds of the late Colombian star.
The Muslim brotherhood supporters are saying that the loss of the match was actually a punishment of God for the people who were silent on the murders of thousands in the past few months and the Mubarak supporters are crying on his days and how we were the Masters of Africa in football !!!!!
Ironically part of our loss yesterday is the arrogance and how we think that we are better than the rest of the Africans because you know… we are the master of the universe and world power unlike those Africans !!!!
Seriously speaking we had no chance to be honest in the World cup , just look to the ages of our players and the ages of Ghana’s team , just look how no one paid an effort yesterday to play football for real to deserve to be in the world cup
For God sake one of our footballers returning back from Ghana stated that he believed that there was sort of African black magic used in the game to paralyze the Egyptian players !! Yes this is what a footballer aspiring to get qualified to the World Cup in 2013 believes !!
We lost the football match and we will not be able to go to Brazil , we will not have another chance for the upcoming 4 years. May be there is a hidden bless the MB supporters do not see that people may wake up and say the problems we have got.
Yes we got real problems than a bloody match.
Amazingly the Egyptians especially the politicians do not want to learn from the Brazilian model in democratic transition.
Brazilians are now furious on their government is focusing on the World Cup and preparations for Olympics ignoring education , health sector and I will not say anything more.
By the way Egypt is playing in the streets kids world cup in 2014 insh Allah. Yes the streets kids made it and nobody is paying attention.


  1. The biggest threats to Egypt haters/enemies are:
    - Education, -Health, -Unity among religious differences,- Focus on making Egypt N0#1 Tourist country in the region (not so hard)
    Aiming for those elements with ~ 90 Millions Egyptians represent a great dangours to your haters

  2. ".........Muslim brotherhood supporters are saying that the loss of the match was actually a punishment of God......" This is a lie because God is a fan of FC Barcelona!

  3. You forgot to mention the stealing of broadcast from jazeera sports.


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