Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#EinHijleh : Bab Shams Has not been closed yet

In complete silence and blackout from the Arab Media as well international media, a group of Palestinian activists restored the old village of Ein Hiljeh on river Jordan for 6 days after being forced to leave it from 40 years ago.
What started as an occupation process or rather reclaiming process in Bab Shams was back once again in Ein Hiljeh
Welcome to Ein Hiljeh sign. It was defaced by IDF now later 
For 6 days the Palestinian activists from both men and women reclaimed their village and were actually rebuilding it. They were tens at first and then joined by hundreds before they were forced it to leave it by force. 

Here is a photo gallery showing the village of Ein Hiljeh brought to life once again by its true owners.
Of course the IDF could not leave them alone for two nights they tried to kick the activists but failed out of the old deserted village. They stopped the food supply from reaching to the village but nevertheless the Palestinians brought food supply on horse in some cinematic scene.
By Hamde Abu Rhame
The activists also began to rebuild the old village installing solar panels to provide electricity
The solar panel by Irene Nasser
Water pipes were installed. Women and children joined the original settlers and celebrated birthdays of children there. During the dull news of Egypt , I kept following the news of Ein Hijleh online only because the mainstream media was uninterested in covering this inspiring movement.
Unfortunately last Thursday the IDF managed to kick them from the village injuring some of them as well arresting and deporting the rest of them.
The people of Ein Hijleh in IDF bus by Diana Al Zeer
 Here is the welcome graffiti of Ein Hijleh defaced by IDF as expected.
Defaced graffiti by Manal El Tamimi
Nevertheless the Palestinian activists vow to return back.
This is what I love about the Palestinian activists , never give up your fight. The Palestinian activists are persistent and I believe they will continue in their reclaiming their land and villages again and again.
Ein Hijleh village is back to be empty for now but I believe that its original people will return one day and stay there not  for 6 days but for eternity. 
We will return one day

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