Friday, February 28, 2014

#FreeAJStaff : Another Day World Solidarity, Another Day of Silence in #Egypt

Yesterday journalists from all over the world showed their support and solidarity to Al Jazeera staff detained in Egypt.
Journalists in BBC , SKY News , Al Jazeera as well newspapers and news agencies from all over the world showed their support whether in United States , Kenya , Nigeria , Cambodia , Lebanon , Qatar, UK, Australia , Bosnia , Afghanistan and South Africa.
This is how the trends map looked yesterday.
Free #AJStaff hashtag in trends map by Kamalah Santamaria
As usual there was complete silence in Egypt despite not less than 60  Egyptian journalist were arrested and then released since July 2013. It is not easy being a true journalist in Egypt.
By the way it is not about Al Jazeera Staff or Peter Greste , it is about journalists detained for doing their job who are standing trial for political reasons. It is about freedom of expression. Journalism is not terrorism.

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