Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to the Streets Against the Protest law

And Yesterday was the beginning of the movement against Protest law in Cairo. Several political movements and parties participated today in the press conference at the Journalists syndicate and march through Talaat Harb street. This was the launch of series of events against the protest law in Egypt.
Among the political movements participated in this press conference : The Revolutionary Way , April 6 Youth Movement and Freedom for the Brave. Of course Nourhan Hafzy, the wife of Ahmed Douma was leading the scene. Another Egyptian woman activist taking the stage bravely.
According to the press conference the series of events to escalate the movement against the protest law will be as follows :
  • Next 16 April 2014 series of human chains on October bridge and in governorates against the protest law.
  • Next 22 April 2014 Women activists will continue their sit in at the Presidential palace.
  • Next 26 April 2014 a big rally heading to the Presidential palace.
Of course this is enough , there must be some back up from the mainstream media whether TV or press. Needless to say we won’t have that type any time soon.
Speaking about Douma , I fed up about celebs who do not give shit about the current human rights abuses in Egypt or the other detainees and speak only that reckless young boy called Ahmed Douma.
I can safely say that some 25 January revolutionaries began to return back to the street. It is better late than never. Again it is a start.
The Fridays are being ignored now because they are the Pro-MB and Pro-El Sissy Days. It is wise thing to avoid them now.

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