Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#FreeAJStaff : A letter From Baher Mohamed to the world

This letter is written by Baher Mohamed , Al Jazeera International Producer currently in prison along with Mohamed Fadel and Peter Greste as well a group of other journalists and students in the infamous “Marriott Cell” case.
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I think the whole world should read it.
This letter is shared by BBC journalist Kate Benyon-Tinker

Mohamed Fadel celebrated his birthday from couple of days ago.
I do not need to say that their trial is not only a proof on how the judiciary in Egypt needs reforms but it insults Egypt too. I do not need to speak about the incriminating evidence of videos about donkey in Aswan and Greste’s reports in Africa or elections by Sky New Arabia or even the photos of Greste’s parents !!
BY the way there are updates about Abdullah El-Shamy , at last the head of journalists syndicate Diaa Rashwan spoke about him and ask the public prosecutor for his release.Of course some think that when El-Sisi becomes a president , he will pull  a Mubarak-1981 move and will release couple of detainees including El-Shamy. Either ways it is just disgusting, Abdullah should not be in jail
Update : El-Shamy has been on a hunger strike for 100 days.
Here is a graffiti for El-Shamy that began to find its way in Cairo on the walls of the buildings.
Freedom to Abdullah
El-Shamy and four of the “Marriott Cell” case defendants from students continue their food strike. Of course now they are not alone because food strike is spreading the among the prisoners and detainees in Abu Zabaal prison to object their detention and the inhuman conditions of their detention. Already there are accusations of torture to death there now.

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