Saturday, August 23, 2014

Against all the odds , #Palestine Will Survive

This beautiful artwork is made by Palestinian artist Imad Abu Shtayyah and it is the best thing to describe Palestine. 

Coming from the rubble like the phoenix  from ashes , Palestine will rise against all the odds.
This is what Abu Shtayyah wrote on his official Facebook page about this beautiful artwork
From the destruction and hatred you sow
From every inch of our land
That hosted a martyr
We shall return…
Despite of your killing and brutality
and the collaboration of traitors
who sold out
helping to realize your schemes
in our Palestine.
We shall return to our land
to the land of our ancestors

The last death toll in Gaza has reached to 2085. Children are still dying in the Israeli raids.
Israel killed three Qassem commanders and the Palestinian resistance led by Qassem won’t be silent. 

Pro-regime media in Egypt cheers for their murder and claims that two of those commanders were involved in attacks in Egypt including the infamous horrible attack against the borders guards in Sinai in August 2012 despite the fact this case’s investigations have not been announced yet by the military judiciary and we do not know for real who stood against the murder of our soldiers till that day.
The rockets have not stopped showering Israel reaching every now and then the Ben Guerin airport or as the Palestinians call it the “El-Lud” airport.
Human rights organizations are angry that Hamas executed the so-called spies in the sector. Egyptian and Israeli governments are using that Hamas’ executions to attack Hamas.
Egypt and Israel agreed on one thing : To destroy Hamas forever.
On the other hand Qassem is leading the political wing of Hamas , yup they are running the show on the Palestinian scene whether you like or not.
BY the way speaking realistically I do not know about Egypt but I do not know how Bibi can pull it so far. The rockets have not been stopped and Israel lost one hell of PR war , even comparing Hamas to ISIS won’t fix the damage. Needless to say the Israeli side is selling the Egyptian mediator in the international and Israeli media claiming that the obstacles are all caused by none other than Egyptians.
It seems to be a deadlock.


  1. All wars come to an end through a POLITICAL solution, eventually Israelis and Palestinians will realize this fact sooner or latter.
    The Canadian.

    1. All wars come to an end through a POLITICAL solution? Are all Canadians such rich sources of moronic bromides, or is it just you? What about WWII? Do you think perhaps the fire-bombing of Dresden and blowing up Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs had any part to play in ending that war? Truly you are the second stupidest commenter on this blog after the gobsmackingly dim-witted Hamdy Youssef.

    2. The Nazi regime was crumbling and about to fall, yet the US and it's allies accelerated it's downfall to stem the Soviet Union's advance towards Germany. The same circumstance took place in the Pacific war as the Russians and communist China were advancing towards Japan, so the US used nuclear power to submit Japan to surrender early.
      As for you ASSHOLE you are just another right wing warmongering white racist American who thinks that anything can be resolved through the barrel of a gun and that is why you have mass massacres of school children and innocent people in your country ASSHOLE!
      The friendly Canadian.

  2. If all refugees around the world since 1947 would "return" to their original location in 1947, the world would fall into chaos.

    Tens of millions of refugees has moved following world-war II around the world. Between Germany/Poland/Czechoslovakia and Russia, also between India Pakistan, Bangaldesh, and also in the Balkans, Cyprus, Africa. Even now we have millions of refugees in Syria and Iraq.

    None of the post 1945-1948 refugees around the world expect to "return", all built a better life in their new country. All except the Palestinians. Keeping those false dreams alive is the source of tragedy of the Palestinians.

    1. "None of the post 1945-1948 refugees around the world expect to "return", all built a better life in their new country. All except the Palestinians."

      That is a lie. In fact, the UN Pinheiro Principles are guided by the idea that refugees not only have the right to return home, but also the right to return to the same property, so that no one profits from occupying someone else's land. Palestinians have the right of return.

      The Europeans and SE Asians you named were part of negotiated resettlement programs. Israel never negotiated a resettlement program with the Palestinians nor paid reparations.

      The vast majority of refugees have returned home since 1947. Today, there are refugees from Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Burundi, Angola, Liberia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc who are all expected to be repatriated as soon as it is safe to return home to their homes.

      Stop with the Israeli revisionist history propaganda.

    2. Over a million Jews fled the Arab countries in 1948-1950 after the 1947 war , all went to Israel. What happened to them there? are they still in refugee camps?

      This in comparison to the 700K Palestinians who left Israel after the 1947 war (which they initiated), what happened to them?

      In 1947, post WWII, many countries exchanged populations (Germany with Poland and Czechoslovakia, India with Pakistan, Japan and China/Korea). The only population which didn't settle in since 1947 are the Palestinians.

  3. the Zionists never want political solution since 1948.
    They want to get what they want...They used and still use Tertorism, they steel, they kill, they lie... they did do and still doing the Evil work on Earth

    They had nothing to do with Jewish relegion or any religion
    they just used the words to cover up their crimes and lies.

    By the way how many childrens the murdered since July 8th 2014?
    More than 500 childrens and they still killing

    Allah swt for sure will deal with them with perfect Justice

    1. Hamdy. Your posts are a guilty pleasure, like watching the pus squeezed out of an enormous pimple.

    2. Jason and Hamdy are the opposite sides of the same coin....Extremist warmongering nut cases. I dare they enlist in their favorite army and go fight in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or their country of choice where US and extremists are killing each other, instead you sit in the safety of your homes in front of your computers and blog a MAN and talk the talk & walk the walk!
      The Canadian.

  4. Beautiful poem and painting he did. My best of hopes go to Palestine in their struggle.

  5. It's a terrible poem. It's barely a poem at all, in fact. The painting is like some promotional material from a Transformers movie.

    1. Are ASSHOLES art critics too?
      The Friendly Canadian.

  6. Well, thats YOUR opinion Jason, which sounds like it's a hate filled one kind of like the Nazis. Sad, very sad :( But I know there are many hateful human beings and dark souls now permeating this world everywhere. So you "add" to that black aura, not a drop of light.

  7. I hope Zenoiba deleted your more hateful posts :( Not exactly adding to the comments at all with intelligence even if your ideas are alternate ones, you can at least be civil about them.

  8. You make a common mistake, Deb, which is to judge art and poetry as good if you agree with the sentiment. Would you judge Zionist art and poetry of that caliber as excellent too? A Hasidic Jew with sidecurls rising from the wreckage of the kindergarten where the 4 year old was slain? I doubt it. Try to separate yourself from the message.

    Film school students always watch Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will, a Nazi propaganda film widely acknowledged as superb, independent of the ideology of the viewer. And analogously, read some good poetry so you can tell good from bad.

    By the way what is this crap you guys always pull, begging Zeinobia to pull posts you dislike? Use you words, coward.

  9. Thanks for asking Jason, and not assuming, because when we ass u me, we make an ass out of you and me! And not as you might assume, but rather the poetry & prefer has heart! I never saw the German woman's art as poetry nor as full of heart, only cash "ca-ching". :) Have a nice day Jason.


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