Thursday, August 7, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Checking Back on what remains from home

And Palestinians decided to check on their houses in Gaza the past 48 hours during the truce that should today if I am not mistaken.
What they found actually was rubble. Their houses have been flattened to the earth thanks to the Israeli war machine . Khuza and Shejaiya are complete destroyed

According to estimations rebuilding Gaza may take another 30 years. The following info-graphs speak about the amount of Palestinian losses in Gaza.

The Israeli government sent a delegation of Israeli officials to Cairo to join the indirect talks with the Palestinian factions yesterday. The Israeli agreed on four demands only from the Palestinian demands and rejected the rest.


  1. Hamas declared they will restart the fighting tomorrow morning. I guess the destruction was not enough for them. They want more.

    So sad. They are committed to violence. Violence is the solution.

  2. You have blind eyes
    look to the photoes to see who committed the criminal terrotist violance
    The UN secertary said: "the Zionists comitted war crimes"

    1. That's not resistance Hamdy. These are war criminals provoking Israel to respond and use the destruction and deaths for political gain. I think you are blind if you don't see it. I have no doubt that they are firing intentionally around civilian areas and rush for the pictures afterwards. By your standards the world will be a better place when Hamas and Da'esh take over and behead us all for having a different point of view. It is tragic that people like you support these human waste in their obvious efforts to slaughter their own women and children.

  3. What about all the human rights violations by Hamas? Like the use of human shields, use of mosques, schools, and hospitals to store and launch rockets? I can't find it in the graphics. Lame.

    Israel tries to avoid hurting civilians. Hamas targets civilians intentionally. No mention of that. No mention of Hamas' ongoing nonstop human rights violation.

    Bogus. Oh, also:

    Stop !!!

    1. No, Zeinobia is right. Sadly, it is mostly a baseless assumption that Israel tries to avoid hurting civilians. The world saw that all too clearly this time around. Don't complain if war crimes charges are successfully brought forward. You shouldn't want to be selective about war crimes charges based on the culprit's faith, culture, or nationality. Both sides, Israel and Hamas, should be held accountable for any war crimes they may have committed. There should be as an impartial investigation as possible into this matter. The world owes to every single person that was pointless murdered or seriously wounded over this perverted war.

      Oh, and just so you know, the Torah is a very similar type of book to the Koran. What you think of one will heavily apply to the other, regardless of whether this fact is consciously accepted.

    2. Also no mention of the children killed in Sinai by Hamas armed and supported terrorists using cruel fragmentation rockets. The killing of children (used as human shields by Hamas) is histerically denounced. The killing of children in Sinai is just fair game.

    3. Zeinobia has clearly indicated that she opposes that murder of civilians by militants in the Sinai. The real truth is that some are selective about which crimes they condemn. For some, any atrocity committed by the Egyptian or Israeli governments is perfectly fine and always justified. They do not like the fact that a light is finally be shined onto their conduct.

      The Palestinians did not cause Egyptian barbarism, either in the form of its militants or its uncivilized autocratic government. It has no real moral "high ground" to condemn other dictatorships. People who want civilized governments to support Egyptian dictatorship failed to learn from the blowback that came from supporting barbaric terrorists like Pinochet and Suharto.

      Palestinian made atrocities in conflicts with Israel do not justify Israeli atrocities and visa versa.

    4. For children killings to be hysterically denounced (against israel) they must take place in gaza in the form of human shields (by hamas). For children killings to be considered fair game they must take place in Sinai and be directly caused by terrorist monsters armed and supported by hamas monsters.

      Apologists are complicit not to mention treasonous. End of story.

  4. After seeing all the destruction in Gaza and reading first-hand accounts of the pain and suffering, I was really surprised to learn that Hamas started firing rockets at Israel again.

    You say rebuilding will take 30 years. With the renewed rocket fire from Gaza to Israel, the result will probably be that rebuilding will take even longer.


  5. WHY, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Israel has never offered anything to Hamas. There is no lay down your arms and we'll end the blockade offer. There is absolutely nothing coming from Israel other than stop fighting back and we'll allow you go on living in an open air prison where we control every aspect of your lives.

    1. Why should Israel offer anything when its under rocket fire to its cities by Hamas? What country would agree to that ?

      This massive rocket fire is the reason to the blockade. This blockade isnt aimed to stop food or gas or civilian supplies from going to Gaza, there is no shortage of those supplies in Gaza. Its aimed as stopping rockets and ammunition, and as we can see, the blockade failed even on that.

      Hamas think that violence is the solution. Nobody will agree to raising the guns & ammunition blockade after seeing again the Hamas deadly intents.

      Israel agreed many times to unconditional immediate cease fire, Hamas wants the fire and suffering to continue. Violence is the solution.

  6. that is actually fine graphic. it is clearly seen that peaks in casualties were on july 19 and august 1 so let ask ourselves - what happens? on july 17 israel offers ceasefire. the answer was hamas incursion to sufa. after that they started ground invasion. and those in hamas, military people, knew quite good what the war in urban area means. it means that urban areas are not here anymore. on august 1 yet another ceasefire - with egypt, us, un mediation have started. than hamas go out with statement that it had captured israeli officer. the hell broke loose. yet again hamas knew quite well what will happen. man, one could vote for hitler or for putin, but he have to bear consequences.

  7. Three comments about the casualties numbers:

    1. Hamas didnt allow the UN to count his fighters are such, they were counted as civilians.

    2. Out of 1866 casualties, 1115 are men and 243 are women. That clearly indicates targeting of fighters.

    3. Hamas and the UN included in the count people who died of natural causes or by Hamas in that time. For example, Ayman Taha from Gaza was executed by Hamas as he was accused of spying for Egypt.

    Still, this is very sad. The fighting must stop.

  8. I wrote to Z couple of times to stop publishing the lies and twisted facts of the Zionists

    they do not have any logic

    1. I encourage everyone to write to TSA a couple of times to put Hamdy Youssef on their no-fly list. His sick twisted support of terrorist groups like Hamas does not have any logic.

    2. Childrens Killers try to cover up their crimes..
      It will never work


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