Sunday, April 26, 2015

There is certainly something going on !!

First of all Al-Masry Al-Youm journalists were investigated earlier today at Egypt’s National Security Prosecution  for publishing a special report on the police force and its documented violations.
Now there is something strange in the media.

Despite all the Pro-regime TV channels and newspapers took the ministry of interior’s side against Al-Masry Al-Youm “AMAY” , we found out that State-owned Ahram Daily Newspaper criticizes the treatment of the suspects and detainees in Cairo’s police stations in a half page report.
Al-Ahram's report on Saturday 
The report was published on Saturday using a very interesting and shocking headline in the Crime Page “If you do not die from torture, you will die from suffocation at police stations”. The headline is a recognition from Ahram’s Crime page that people die from torture at Egypt’s police stations. The report details how the members of prosecution inspected Cairo’s police stations to check on the detention’s facilities and its situation and how they found detainees and suspects are living inhuman conditions in custody. Suffocation here does not mean another way of torture but rather the lack of proper ventilation.

What is even stranger than Ahram Daily newspaper is that one finds a Pro-Military/Pro-Police website like El-Bawaba published a video showing police officers’ abuse of a citizen on a highway in Cairo earlier Sunday.  El-Bawaba, which is headed by Abdel Rahim Ali does not publish this stuff like that for the sake of transparency and human rights, on the contrary.  This is really fishy.
I do not know if it is a fight between security apparatuses in Egypt or what but there is something going. Unfortunately we reached to a degree of mistrust in the media. 

BY the way a new minister of interior’s aide for media and public relations Police General Abu Bakr Abdel Karim was appointed on Friday whereas Police general Hany Abdel Latif , the former MOI spokesperson was transferred to Police academy. Abdel Karim was the minister’s aide for human rights. 


  1. Dear Zeinobia, Indeed 2 strong armed entities in 1 country will lead to competition. Actually, I am not surprised at all.

  2. yes there's something going on. Maybe internal domestic war in the deep state... or just a beginning to a new 3rd of July but this time on Police...maybe


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